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Everything we consume as a society relies on us making responsible and sustainable use of available resources. The science of transforming these resources via process industries is “chemistry”. The chemical industry is reducing its reliance on finite resources such as oil and mined minerals. Alternative feedstocks such as crops, CO2 and recycled materials are changing the landscape of the chemical and agriculture industries.

Simultaneously, downstream industries are increasingly looking for the ability to tailor their solutions to individual consumers. The underlying science provided by chemical companies makes this customisation possible: from personalised running shoes to cosmetics, medicines and food supplements… even your personal and protective equipment at work.

Despite convergence between industries, catalysed by major trends like Digital Transformation, chemistry remains a domain for specialists. The analysts and consultants in Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Science practice understand this specialisation, and are passionate about supporting the needs and challenges of an industry that is undergoing rapid evolution.


Position your company today to address the challenges of feeding the world tomorrow. From farm to fork, the Visionary Science’s Agriculture & Nutrition Research Program monitors a wide array of individual food and agriculture markets that make up the entire food and agriculture value chain.

Chemicals in Infrastructure & Mobility

The Chemicals and Materials in Infrastructure and Mobility team will help you understand, assimilate and evaluate the future of the industry by analyzing mega trends, material substitution dynamics and changing needs of customers and end-users.


With our strategic insight capabilities, we are well-placed to support you with market intelligence on different PPE markets across the world that could make/break strategic business decisions.


Frost & Sullivan’s Metals and Minerals (M&M) Practice brings together industry experts from research and consulting who have vast experience in the metal, mineral and mining markets working on a variety of consulting engagements.


Personal well-being is one of the biggest mega trends affecting society today. It is especially important for the chemical industry, since so many of the industry’s products have a direct impact on our well-being as individuals.

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GCC Countries are Food-secure while not yet Self-sufficient

Although the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have limited climatic capabilities to perform traditional agricultural activities, food safety and security are not an issue because the states are capital-rich and have no foreign exchange limitation on food imports. Due to their robust fiscal position resulting in high buying power, these countries have traditionally been less susceptible to price risk than other food importers.

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