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Digital transformation is a journey that organizations must undertake to ensure that they continue to stay relevant. Organizations must change how they manage their people, things, processes and data to make the decisions that will streamline their operations, reduce costs and adopt new business models to support customer growth. Traditional companies that do not initiate efforts to transform their organizations and employ digital business models risk obsolescence and failure to maintain incumbency in their industry. As their customers evolve, organizations must evolve with them to continue to meet their needs.

Frost & Sullivan’s “IoT and Digital Transformation” research service employs a three-pronged approach:

  • Help organizations to understand the impact of emerging technologies on their organization.
  • Harness Frost & Sullivan’s deep industry expertise to analyze how vertical markets can employ these technologies differently to solve business challenges.
  • Incorporate the Voice of the Customer by surveying thousands of IT decision makers across verticals to align marketing and sales efforts around end user business challenges and investment plans over the next few years.

With this approach, Frost & Sullivan has helped clients with a 360 degree perspective of technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, SD-WAN, Distributed Computing, etc. and their impact on the industries in which they operate. Our research efforts help the ICT vendor/service provider community to prioritize core end markets for their solutions. Analyst reports also deliver case studies and use cases to highlight companies that are undertaking their own digital transformation journeys – providing concrete examples of how investment in technologies and processes can new growth opportunities.

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Over the next 5 years, technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Robotics will transform every business. Is your company ready?

Meet Our Team

Engage with our industry experts and learn more about our process of identification, evaluation, go to market strategic planning and implementation emphasis on managing the transformation journey that lies ahead.


Joe Fristensky

Functional Expertise

18 years of Consulting and Research Management expertise, which includes countless experiences helping to create, develop and deliver solutions to drive winning growth strategies for a large variety of clients in the Information and Communications Technologies sector. Particular expertise in:

  • Geographic and Product Line Extensions
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution

Industry Expertise

Experience base covering broad range of sectors, leveraging long-standing working relationships with leading industry participants’ Senior Executives, specifically in the following sectors:

  • Mobile & Wireless Communications
  • Unified Communications
  • Conferencing Systems and Services
  • Space Communications

What I bring to the Team

  • Substantial experience in Consulting engagements across many industry sectors within ICT markets
  • Expert-level research, writing, and presentation skills
  • Global business experience and capabilities
  • I have directed a 3000% growth of Frost & Sullivan’s ICT Practice, and have employed similar principles to help our clients meet their growth objectives

Career Highlights

  • Business Unit Leader of Information & Communications Technologies Practice at Frost & Sullivan for 12 years
  • Keynote Speaker at various Communications Conferences around the Globe
  • Analyst and Consultant in Mobile Communications Markets at Frost & Sullivan


  • MBA from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (USA)
  • BA from University of California at Davis (USA)
Digital Transformation , Vice President | Global

Alpa Shah

IoT & Digital Transformation, Principal Analyst | North America

Dilip Sarangan

ICT Research & Consulting Director | Latin America

Renato Pasquini

Renato Pasquini is an industry expert with +15 years of experience at large, multi-national companies in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. Pasquini currently serves as ICT Research and Consulting Director in Latin America, as well as Managing Director in Brazil at Frost & Sullivan.

In his current role, Pasquini engages with industry stakeholders on strategic projects spanning competitive benchmarking, scenario planning and growth strategies, with a focus on IT, Telecommunications, Digital Transformation within different verticals and Mega Trends (including new business models). He is also a regular speaker and moderator in leading regional and international events, and a contributor to media.

Prior to this role, Pasquini worked for Telefónica and América Móvil subsidiaries in Brazil, with strategic planning and regulation, and for Accenture, with management consulting for ICT companies. Mr. Renato Pasquini holds a BA and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV, a Post-Graduation in Economic Law by GVLaw and in Telecommunications Business.

Top Mentions:

Real Estate Market  & Lifestyle – México es el país con más ciudades inteligentes en Latinoamérica

ZDNet – IoT market in Brazil set to reach $3,29bn by 2021

CIO Brasil – Mercado brasileiro de Internet das Coisas será de US$ 3,29 bilhões em cinco anos

Convergencia Digital – Hadoop vira padrão para projetos de big data

TI Inside – Até 2022, mercado de Big Data e Analytics vai triplicar na América Latina

Computerworld – Mercado brasileiro de big data e analytics fatura US$ 1,16 bi e já representa quase 50% da AL

IoT & Digital Transformation, Research Director | Europe

Adrian Drozd

Functional Expertise
16 years’ of line-of-business operations experience. Particular expertise in:

    -Developing and implementing business strategy
    -New product launch and geographic expansion
    -Team and project management/leadership
    -Business services operations

Industry Expertise
Significant analytical experience in the telecommunications and digital media industries, spanning areas including:

    -ICT in vertical markets
    -Telecoms, UC industry dynamics
    -The digital entertainment ecosystem: from device to content delivery

What I Bring to the Team

    -Strong analytical and project management skills
    -Team and project management
    -Telecom business services experience

Career Highlights

    -Experience working for the following leading research firms:
    -Canalys (Senior Analyst, Digital Content Analysis)
    -Datamonitor (Senior Analyst, Media & Broadcast Technology)

BSc in Geography & Statistics from Exeter University

IoT & Digital Transformation, Senior Industry Analyst | Asia

Deepali Sathe

Customer Experience, Senior Consultant | North America

Martin Hoff ter Heide

Functional Expertise

    – 11 years of consulting experience
    – Broad functional expertise including review and development of corporate, business unit and product strategies, commercial due diligence, organisational development and business process optimisation

Industry Expertise
Industry experience spanning from information and communication technologies (ICT), through media, retail, financial services, logistics, utilities and not-for-profit
Key interest in, and continuous exposure to, ICT and retail. Projects include:

    -Studies of digital transformation in retail, big data analytics uses in various industries, smart cities, intelligent transport systems, and back office workforce optimisation software
    -Strategic analysis of Russian x86 server and radio relay equipment markets
    -Market entry assessment for an Asian telecoms operator into a Western European market
    -Strategy review for an African incumbent operator, focused on redefining the role the wholesale business unit
    -Development of project management and quality assurance processes for ERP implementation for a leading Russian retailer

What I bring to the Team

    -Broad cross-functional and cross-industry experience
    -Strong all-round skill-set
    -International experience from operating in professional environments in 5 countries and languages: German national, studied mainly in France and UK, with multi-year experience in Russia and Scandinavia

Career Highlights
Experience working for leading consulting firms, including: Roland Berger, Droege & Comp. and PwC

MSc in Management (Distinction) at University College Dublin & HEC Paris
BBA in Management (Distinction) at Lancaster University & Reims Management School

Cloud Services, Director | Asia

Nishchal Khorana

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