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cloud_services.jpgIn the past decade, the cloud decision has moved from tactical to strategic, from a cost-cutting move to an investment in business agility and speed-to-market. Cloud services are the cornerstone of enterprise IT transformation efforts that are upending traditional data center technologies, operations, and roles. The new goal is a seamless, hybrid environment that comprises multiple deployment models and environments: premises-based and hosted; physical and virtual; public and private. But in these early days of the cloud era, there continues to be a gap between customer expectations and provider capabilities. Is your business at risk of being left behind?

Why Stratecast|Frost & Sullivan

With analyst teams located across all regions of the world and representing multiple disciplines, our cloud research provides service providers, IT vendors, and enterprises with a comprehensive view of a business model that continues to reshape how we procure and utilize technology resources.

Our Solution – Growth Partnership

Stratecast|Frost & Sullivan’s cloud Growth Partnership Services (GPS) offer extensive market analysis to help providers and enterprises understand how to navigate within the rapidly changing cloud and data center market. Our research seeks to connect-the-dots across multiple trends that impact buying behavior, offering practical yet often unexpected recommendations for cloud and IT providers.

Leveraging annual customer surveys and extensive provider interviews, our evolving coverage areas include trends in:

  • Infrastructure as a Service and Data Center Services markets
  • Platform as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • IT as a Service
  • Convergence/Hyperconvergence
  • Management and Orchestration Platforms

Through our interactive program, subscribers are assured access to our top cloud analysts and subject-matter experts worldwide.

Client Benefits

The strategic insights that Stratecast|Frost & Sullivan provides will help your business outpace the competition in the escalating cloud wars.

Meet the Team

North America

Stadtmueller.jpgLynda Stadtmueller

Vice President, Cloud Services

Price.jpgKaryn Price

Industry Analyst

Honnachari.jpgRoopashree Honnachari

Industry Director


sunder.jpgAjay Sunder

Vice President - Telecoms

NishchalNishchal Khorana


bazaz.jpgSandeep Bazaz

Industry Analyst

Yuxuan Ng

Industry Analyst

Latin America

perrone.jpgIgnacio Perrone

Industry Manager

januario.jpgIzabela Januario

Industry Analyst


GeorgeEtheredge_sm.jpgGeorge Etheredge

Research Analyst


frost_sullivan_research-1.jpgFrost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

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Cloud Services
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State of the Cloud 2018 - Results from the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Cloud User Survey

For businesses operating in 2018, the cloud journey has been superseded by the digital transformation journey. Rather than an end unto itself, the cloud is now recognized as a means to achieving the agility, speed to market, innovation, and value they need to compete in the digital economy.…

Managed Cloud Services, a la Carte - Innovative New Offerings are Flexible, Bite-sized, and User-Defined

With managed cloud infrastructure services also called Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) businesses engage a third-party provider to procure, configure, manage, and/or maintain the cloud infrastructure supporting their workloads. But there s an irony here. By definition, IaaS is on-demand,…

Optimizing the On-Premises Data Center - Three Ways to Drive Infrastructure Transformation

For most businesses, the on-premises data center remains a critical component of their IT environment. However, those same businesses desire the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud model within their private environments. They therefore need to optimize infrastructure to enable the business to…

Evolving the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - Tata Communications: The Dark Horse in the Hybrid Cloud Race

For global enterprises seeking to standardize on a provider with a hybrid enablement platform that can manage a very wide array of resources, Indian communications provider Tata Communications may be just what the company needs to achieve its hybrid goals. The company s hybrid enablement platform…

Survey Shows Shifts in Business App Placement: Managed Services, SaaS, and Co-Lo Steal Share from IaaS

With our recently conducted 2018 Cloud User Survey, some patterns are beginning to emerge. Some workloads initially deployed in the public cloud are now being moved back into a premises data center, in a trend known as repatriation. And for the first time, we are seeing a decline in the number of…

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service 2018 Global Buyer s Guide: Cloud-Based Solutions for Effective Data Availability

Over the past two years, the always-on nature of today s business markets, and the lack of tolerance for application downtime, has made cloud even more important for businesses seeking to increase their business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. As the enterprise become less able to…

Security in the Serverless Architecture: A Tectonic Shift in Responsibilities

A fascinating aspect of the cloud era is the expanding options for organizations to move from being owners to renters of IT capabilities. From a security perspective, decreasing ownership also transfers blocks of responsibility from cloud customers to the cloud services provider. This, in essence,…

Beyond the Big Three: Cloud Service Providers that Should Be Part of Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

The cloud infrastructure market is highly consolidated, with the top three providers holding nearly 85% of the US market. The market leaders have earned their dominance, with scale, product quality, and continual innovation. They have also hampered competition in the market.And yet, the market…

The Veeam Availability Suite: A Robust Disaster Recovery Platform with Strong Opportunities for MSPs

In this SPIE, we look at the market need for cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, and clarify service definitions that are sometimes confused in the market. We then examine the Veeam solution, including its capabilities for both enterprises and partners.

growth_consulting_frost_sullivan-1.pngWhether you are selling or buying cloud-based services, our tailored and customized strategic consulting engagements can help you leverage cloud technologies and solutions to achieve your strategic business goals. We work with leading and emerging players in the cloud and IT markets, including cloud service providers, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure vendors; management and orchestration platform providers; and independent software vendors. We work with our clients to identify strengths and gaps in their products and services, and help them educate their current and target clients about growth opportunities in an evolving market.

Stratecast’s Cloud team can support your organization on each of the following areas:

  • New Product and Services Solutions: We can support you as you develop and evolve cloud-based products and services.
  • Business Models: Detailed advice on or creation of cloud business models under various scenarios, for leading stakeholders and associations.
  • Customer Analysis: "Voice of Customer" analysis focusing on evolving perceptions and behavior towards hybrid and cloud adoption.
  • Branding & Positioning: Support through an integrated marketing platform to launch or extend your cloud-affiliated brand.
  • Advisory Services to strategically advise on cloud initiatives and growth opportunities.

Any question? Please email us and we'll respond within 48 hours

big_data.jpgFrost & Sullivan's Cloud Services Team can deliver a bespoke workshop to your organization to highlight the emerging trends and identify the impact they will have on your company. There is tremendous technology change in cloud applications.

The workshop can be flexible around your needs - we can attend your strategy day or workshop as an external expert keynote speaker. Or we can provide comprehensive facilitation of a workshop to ensure your delegates are fully engaged in strategy development. We have expertise in cloud services and cloud infrastructure opportunities as related to the unique needs of the departments attending the growth workshop, and we also have analyzed mega trends that impact this industry. We have experience in strategy development, planning and implementation.

Stratecast Cloud VP Lynda Stadtmueller named to 2016 “Top 10 Cloud Evangelist” list by CloudNOW, awarded to “cloud amplifiers … who contributed to the astronomical growth of cloud, open source, and converging technologies.

Our team liked this white paper so much that we have no edits for you. It was very well written and executed the mission of articulating the benefits a colo provider can provide for hybrid cloud solutions. Overall, we felt this is a strong piece and are very pleased. Thank you for your hard work in putting this together.

Content Marketing Manager, Colocation Company

This is an excellent piece of work. It aligns perfectly with [our marketing deliverables]. I cannot find anything that requires changing.

Sr. Marketing Manager, Fortune 50 Company

Expertise Areas

iot_cloud_solutions.jpgStorage as a Service
Operations__Monetization.jpgInfrastructure as a Service
Digital_Marketing.jpgPlatform as a Service
cyber_security.jpgPublic, Private, and Hybrid Cloud
Service_Provider_Best_Practices.jpgData Center Infrastructure

Next Steps

Contact us to see how we can help your company meet its strategic growth plans.  In addition to cloud GPS subscriptions, we offer consulting services, market-facing assets to help you reach your customers, and best practice analyses to show how you fare against competitors. 

Let us help you grow your revenues through a better understanding of the cloud services space. Contact Perry Somers | P: 360.416.4982 | F: 775.310.7419