Expanding on the success of our popular Analyst Briefings and Executive MindXchanges, Frost & Sullivan's eBroadcast division delivers cutting-edge business strategies and solutions to its executive clients through interactive forums on the Internet.

By combining the immediacy of the Web with the impact of streaming audio and video, Frost & Sullivan's eBroadcasts are one-hour, topic-specific seminars packed with the information and insights needed to address real-world business needs.

These 60-minute complimentary eBroadcasts are delivered to your very own computer.

Frost & Sullivan, alongside our principal analysts, identifies and collaborates with individuals that we have identified as pioneers and experts within their respective fields to produce and deliver critical and time-sensitive industry trends, benchmarks, and developments needed in order to effectively grow your business and maintain your competitive advantage.

eBroadcast Schedule

NOTE: Times listed are Eastern Standard time.

Virtual eBroadcasts
Mar 07th 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Are you still running your business on a patchwork of spreadsheets, point solutions and manual processes? Are your systems leaving data in unconnected silos and preventing real-time visibility? Learn about the advantages and benefits of cloud-based ERP systems from Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council and what companies should be looking for in a cloud ERP solution. Find out why Frost & Sullivan has named Kenandy the #1 Cloud ERP for Small & Mid-sized Manufacturing, and learn how Kenandy’s customers have benefited from moving to a cloud ERP solution. If you want to break free from your ERP constraints, join us in this webinar and discover.
Transformando sua empresa com a nova realidade digital: uma mudança radical na produtividade e na experiência do cliente, impactada por novas tecnologias. Nas duas últimas décadas, internet, smartphones, mídias sociais e outras tecnologias transformaram a forma que vivemos, interagimos, investimos e compramos. Consequentemente, o aumento da adoção de dispositivos inteligentes e aplicações de consumo mudaram nossas expectativas para as atividades e experiências do dia-a-dia, como aprendizado, viagens, comunicação e compras. O mesmo nível de experiência de usuário não atingiu os locais de trabalho. Esperamos, no entanto, que a mudança aconteça nos próximos dois a cinco anos, à medida que os negócios implantem novas tecnologias como Inteligência Artificial (AI), mobilidade, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Internet das Coisas e Social.
Virtual eBroadcasts
Apr 05th 2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
With a growing volume of digital, online and offline connection channels, helping customers navigate the customer service and support journey is critical to brand reputation. If not handled properly it can quickly impact your organization’s bottom line. Get insights into mapping the ideal customer journey, while delivering a true omni-channel experience. But with contextual data coming in from every channel, it can be overwhelming for companies to personalize each customer’s experience.

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