Paytech Driving Fintech Ecosystem while Neobanks Push to Provide Innovative Services

Dec 05th 2017

High-end Secured Payment Services in Demand

Digital transformation has already disrupted the traditional payment ecosystem. Now a new subcategory, paytech, is dominating the Fintech revolution. Most innovative services are included in the paytech ecosystem, such as instant, cross-border, mobile, invisible, peer-to-peer or cryptocurrency payments. Furthermore, banks and financial institutions had to digitalize their existing services, creating a new channel with the digital platform. The recent emergence of Neobanks has particularly influenced the historical players by providing innovative approaches leveraging technologies and social media. However, payment services success is based on the perceived confidence future customers will have in the different payment platforms. Trust in the payment service is directly linked to the associated security.

Attend this session to:

  • Understand the recent evolution of the digital payment ecosystem
  • Learn about Neobanks’ payment product portfolio and associated security needs
  • Identify security features and best practices your organization should consider when implementing payments
  • See how cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as countries push to become cashless societies


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