Myanmar's Economic and Industrial Evolution Creating Growth Opportunities

Mar 15th 2017

New Reforms Encourage Business Development

Global interest in Myanmar as an investment destination has increased in the past five years following liberalization efforts and other reforms. The country has since witnessed commendable expansion in foreign investment, trade, and gross domestic product (GDP). Enabling factors such as the recent opening of the first special economic zone (SEZ), a rising middle class, and supportive new government policies for businesses will only help accelerate Myanmar's catch-up process. In light of these developments, Frost & Sullivan's upcoming webinar will enable you to:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of Myanmar's economic and business conditions.
  • Leverage insights and trends associated with key growth industries.
  • Hear from companies that have successfully expanded their business in Myanmar.
  • Engage in a live Q&A session with representatives from the private sector in Myanmar as well as Frost & Sullivan experts.


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