Conquering Aging: Novel Technology Disruptions in the Anti-Aging Industry

Sep 18th 2018

Combining Dietary Supplements and Clinical Therapeutics with Digital Technologies to Drive Growth Along the “Prevent-Manage-Repair” Continuum

The anti-aging industry is moving toward a “prevent-manage-repair” continuum that is creating novel market opportunities such as pharmacological targeting of aging, the “drug-as-a-service” business model, the use of digital pills to track drug consumption and adherence, and digital therapies that will help lower costs and reduce side effects.

We invite you to join a panel of industry experts from Insilico Medicine, ChromaDex, Dthera Sciences and Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Health Practice, for the webinar Conquering Aging: Novel Technology Disruptions in the Anti-Aging Industry. Join us to learn about the latest technologies, business models and market opportunities in this growing industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover innovations in anti-aging drugs and therapies, novel nutrition, and digital tools
  • Engage with thought leaders to understand the dynamics around significant market trends, innovative business models, and game-changing companies.
  • Uncover key investment opportunities and growth potential.