When is the last time you walked into a meeting room to give a presentation and didn’t have to work hard to connect your device in order to share content—never, a long time ago, or did you look for a work-around? This fundamental challenge ranks among the top issues that have traditionally stymied efficiency and productivity in business meetings. The issue is actually more prominent than ever in today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world.

A professional wireless content sharing solution offers knowledge workers a frictionless method of collaborating in rich ways from the device of their choice, whether a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. Due to the potential benefits, there are now many competing wireless content sharing products available on the market, but these are far from equal in functionality and performance. Based upon extensive market research, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Mersive Technologies (Mersive) for its product line strategy leadership in the Professional Wireless Content Sharing Market, owing to the company’s ability to address a variety of use cases and meeting environments without compromise.

Mersive addresses the challenges of enhancing collaboration and user engagement in meetings through wireless content sharing with an impressive, unmatched product line-up. Solstice software anchors the Mersive portfolio, providing easy-to-use content sharing and control capabilities from any PC, Mac, Android, and iOS device, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies associated with traditional wired connections to meeting room displays. Solstice provides additional sharing functions that alternative solutions cannot consistently deliver:

  • Any number of users sharing any amount of content from any device
  • Native iOS screen mirroring using Apple AirPlay
  • Customizable display layouts
  • Support for multi-touch displays and any display of any resolution
  • Configurable sharing options, access control, and use modes

Mersive solutions stand in contrast to competing products that are marketed under one-size-fits-all promises. The breadth of the Solstice portfolio enables enterprises to effectively right-fit technology to user and physical meeting space requirements. Solstice Pod offers an array of connectivity options, including both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet network connections to integrate into existing environments. The Pod’s two network interface cards have dedicated routing tables that ensure no traffic passes between guest and corporate networks for security reasons. Solstice OpenControl APIs also enable integration with room control systems, video and audio conferencing platforms, and calendar and resource scheduling software to ensure multi-vendor technology works together seamlessly in support of established workflows. Further, Multi-Room capability empowers users from up to four separate locations to collaborate interactively in the same Solstice session, something lacking in many competing solutions.

The range of flexibility and scalability of Mersive’s product line offers an ideal solution for both small and enterprise-wide needs. In fact, Mersive serves a client roster of more than 4,000 organizations worldwide, including nearly three dozen Fortune 100 companies. Household names across verticals and regions, such as Bridgestone, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MassMutual, AstraZeneca, Duke University, Samsung, Toyota, Yale University, GE, Mondelez International, Valpak, Unilever, Bloomberg, Comcast, and Newell Rubbermaid have come to rely on Mersive technology for mission-critical collaboration capabilities.

In the fast-growing professional wireless content sharing market customers have many options; however, they must ensure their choice effectively meets the requirements of both their IT setups and their users, without compromise. Mersive has demonstrated impressive vision and execution with the timely introduction of its product portfolio that successfully meets or exceeds the needs of today’s organizations. As an entrepreneurial company built upon a software-based approach, Mersive is addressing unmet demands where its competitors have been slower to respond and is enabling its customers to likewise get ahead of their competition.

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