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Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Recognition

The mission of our Best Practices Awards is to recognize people and organizations that have accomplished an innovative or disruptive breakthrough. Many of our awardees have toiled for months and years to make a difference in their companies and industries. Our awards give these industry leaders a chance to take a step back to reflect and celebrate with those who made it possible.

If there is anything that the world needs today – from the business world to the diplomatic world, and especially the physical world – it is innovation. While our awardees consist of a huge range of technologies, services, and products, the common theme of innovation continues to emerge.

Frost & Sullivan’s industry analyst team benchmarks market participants and measures their performance through independent, primary interviews, and secondary industry research in order to evaluate and identify best practices. Frost & Sullivan’s intent is to help drive innovation, excellence, and a positive change in the global economy by recognizing best-in-class products, companies, and individuals.

Award Ceremonies

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices award ceremonies provide an ideal opportunity to present recognition to companies inspired by visionary growth, innovation, and leadership. We take pride in recognizing companies that have exhibited exemplary achievements in strategies and processes.

We congratulate these executives whose vision served as the catalyst in generating world-class performance within their industries.




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