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stratecast.jpgFrost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights. Stratecast's industry analysts and market experts provide the telecommunications industry with market consulting and tactical strategic forecasting.

This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions. Our custom consulting, analyst availability, and market subscriptions provide your firm with winning business growth strategies.

   Stratecast Benefits

  • Support critical business decisions by leveraging objective, third-party market research and strategic analysis
  • Deliver a crisp, clear, and targeted message tailored to your defined audience
  • Educate your customer base and accelerate your sales cycle with objective third-party validation

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OSS/BSS Solution Provider Targeting Global Service Providers

Despite success in providing solutions to other industry verticals, a multi-billion dollar technology firm had achieved limited success with communications service providers (CSPs). Stratecast Partners was tasked with helping the client develop a more detailed view of the CSP market. The goal was to better position the company to map its solution capabilities to the key business and technology requirements of the CSPs it was targeting.

Consulting Approach

The Stratecast analyst team, comprised of analysts specializing in service provider business models and OSS/BSS systems and processes, worked with the client to help it accurately predict (1) which CSPs would emerge as leading players, and (2) what their top priorities would be with regard to network/service evolution and operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS). The analyst team then helped the client define the key components it would need to include in its solution for CSPs.

The Stratecast analyst team worked with the client to craft messaging that conveyed the merits of the company’s solution for CSPs. Stratecast helped the client identify the key aspects of the solution to highlight, and helped the client define which aspects of the CSP’s business would be positively impacted.


The client began conveying this message and value proposition to CSPs around the world, and has established itself as a leading player in helping service providers optimize their networks, systems, and processes.

Technology Firm Seeking To Partner with Service Providers In Offering Managed Services

One of the world’s largest technology firms wanted to play a more significant role in providing managed solutions to enterprise (Fortune 1000) customers, in partnership with service providers. The goal was to work with Stratecast Partners to determine how to leverage service providers as partners in providing managed solutions to enterprises.

Consulting Approach

The Stratecast analyst team, comprised of analysts specializing in service provider business models and alliances/partnerships, worked with the client to help it identify the short list of service providers worth considering as partners on the managed services front. Stratecast analysts also worked with the client to identify the optimal type of model to follow in developing and managing such a partnership.

The Stratecast analyst team worked with the client to identify what types of managed solutions to focus on, including both communications services and applications components. Stratecast analysts based these recommendations on knowledge of the evolving networking/IT requirements of enterprises, along with knowledge of the service providers’ key areas of focus.


The client selected the top three service providers with which to work on developing, marketing, and delivering managed solutions to enterprise customers. The client has now successfully forged relationships with these service providers and is working with them to jointly develop and market solutions targeting enterprise customers around the world.

  • Direct access to strategy staff (150+ years of telecom industry experience)
  • Actionable conclusions and predictions delivered in a variety of forms
  • Detailed company and sector assessments
  • Detailed competitive, industry, market, regulatory, and technology assessments
  • Targeted market sizing and forecasting
  • Alternative network architecture assessments
  • Message development, delivery, and Marcom/PR assistance
  • Rigid adherence to collaborative research and collaborative analysis methodology
  • Dedicated to providing depth (versus breadth) of analysis in our five areas of focus
  • Solution mentality – helping customers achieve objectives is our goal
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Telecommunications Strategic Forecasting (Stratecast)
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