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Newest Connected Health 360° Research

Major Trends and Attractions in the Global Aged Care Market
June 24th
Genetic Technology Alert. A Fully Integrated, High Capacity, Next Generation Sequencing System; Ebola Diagnostic Kit by China Approved by the World Health Organization; CRISPR Associated Protein 9 Mediated Gene Editing in Human Embryo
June 11th
Acuity-Based Staffing as the Key to Hospital Competitiveness
June 10th
Vietnam Healthcare Outlook
June 9th
Genetic Technology Alert. Variant of Gene Type Linking Cholesterol with Cardiovascular Disease Identified; Cancer Treatment as a Result of Telomere Inhibition
June 5th
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connected health100.jpgFrom new technological innovations, competitive shifts, and evolving end-user requirements, to regulatory changes and reimbursement issues, Frost & Sullivan’s research offers a convenient way to monitor your market and complementary markets, from both a regional and global perspective.

Healthcare systems are undergoing dramatic structural changes that will impact every aspect of the way healthcare services are paid for and delivered, and the movement of care outside traditional settings is transforming medicine through connected health solutions.

  Connected Health Key 360° Issues

  • Rapid technological advancements threaten established markets and client relationships
  • Increasing importance of telehealth solutions as communication and information become more dynamic and connected in healthcare
  • Future high patient empowerment in managing diseases through remote monitoring and mobile apps
Health IT

Clinical Information Systems
Provider Information Systems
Health Information Exchange
Revenue Cycle Management
Billing & Practice Management


Remote Monitoring
Video Telemedicine
IT Enabled Solutions
Consumer Dynamics
Aging Independently
Care Setting Transition

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Information & Communication
Health & Wellness
Medical Devices & Imaging
Business & Financial Services
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Information & Communication Technologies
Measurement & Instrumentation

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare costs are rising. Populations in developed countries are aging. Personalized and preventative solutions are growing in popularity. Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare consultants and industry experts give clients the mar…

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