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Newest Building Management Technologies 360° Research

The Future of Software Embedded Controllers and Cloud Solutions
August 19th
Lighting Industry in GCC Glowing Brightly and Steadily
August 19th
Global Low-voltage Switchgear Market
August 13th
Emerging Waterless Innovations Disrupting Key Sectors (Technical Insights)
August 9th
Emerging Participants and New Entrants in the Energy Management Market (2015)
August 2nd
Building Management Technologies
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building_techs100.jpgFrost & Sullivan's Building Management Technologies Growth Partnership Services program offers clients unique insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, detailed assessments of market opportunities, pricing strategies, demand trends, market insights, research, and technological developments, as well as applications and best practices for the industry.

Our analysis is based on firm quantitative and qualitative information and helps clients stay abreast of challenges and trends in this dynamic market to develop solutions to remain competitive and grow their businesses. Frost & Sullivan's Building Management Technologies market analysts, research specialists, consultants, and industry experts offer growth consulting (strategy consulting) and market coverage of sectors, such as facility management, security controls and HVAC&R, from a regional and global perspective.

  Building Management Technologies Key 360° Issues

  • Mega Cities create mega challenges for both buildings and urban environments as populations grow
  • The increasing intelligence and automation of buildings will play a key role in the smart cities of the near future
  • Smarter cities will see inter-connectivity between buildings and communities, the emergence of virtual consumers, shared efficiency gains between buildings, and smart service delivery
Energy Efficiency

Green Buildings
Home Automation
Building Automation & Controls
HVAC & HVAC Controls
Lighting & Lighting Controls
Refrigeration Technology
Refrigeration Controls
Smart Buildings

Facilities Management

Asset Management
Security Services
Onsite Utility Services
Integrated Facilities Management
Performance Contracting
Energy Management

Fire & Safety

Fire & Life Safety
Fire Detection
Fire Suppression
Emergency Lighting
Evacuation & Notification
Systems Integration
Technology Convergence

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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Clean & Green Environment
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Sustainable Energy
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Energy & Power Systems
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Information & Communication Technologies
Measurement & Instrumentation

Energy & Environment Consulting

Frost & Sullivan's industry consultants and market analysts closely monitor the Energy & Environment industry, specializing in growth consulting and custom market-competitive research on advancements in smart buildings, the r…

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