Mobility: Automotive & Transportation

The Frost & Sullivan Mobility practice provides global market intelligence, prescriptive research to execute market growth opportunities, and tailor-made advisory services within the personal and freight mobility market.

Future of Mobility

Future of Mobility

Evaluate the impact of Mega trends on personal and freight mobility in creating new business models, products and services.

Business Strategy & Innovation

Business Strategy & Innovation

Support your team in corporate strategy, product planning and advanced R&D in analysing and evaluating future growth opportunities.

Future of Car Retailing, Aftersales & Service

Future of Car Retailing, Aftersales & Service

Develop next generation channel strategies for vehicle sales, parts and service and create integrated online and off-line customer journey.

Future of Vehicles Systems & Technologies

Future of Vehicles Systems and Technologies

Assess the impact of legislation, technology, customer needs and competitive environment on your Powertrain, Safety, Chassis, Interior, Exterior product portfolio and investments.

Autonomous Driving & Connected Mobility

Autonomous Driving & Connected Mobility

Identify new business models of fully autonomous cars and analyse the impact of connected car as an element of a future connected living.

Commercial Vehicle, Transport, Logistics, Rail

Commercial Vehicle/ Transport/ Logistics/ Rail

Define the future of Freight mobility, public transport and next generation supply chain and logistics.

Further Information

Intelligent Mobility 2015 Event

Access the Latest Industry News From Intelligent Mobility Insight

Rolls-Royce to lead autonomous ship research project

HELSINKI - Rolls-Royce is to lead a new $7.3M project that could pave the way for autonomous ships. The Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative will produce the specification and preliminary designs for the next generation of advanced…

Solar Impulse completes Pacific flight

HONOLULU - Solar Impulse 2 plane has completed a major step in its round the world flight, crossing the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii.

Investment in multi modal freight infrastructure

WASHINGTON - US authorities have introduced a new bill to invest $2bn a year for multimodal freight infrastructure using the National Multimodal Freight Policy and Investment Act, following a recommendations programme by the National Freight Advisory…

Airport shuttle service begins

LONDON – Heathrow Airport and easyBus are operating a shuttle bus service into the city.

Plans focus on regional transport links

ZAGREB - The Croatian capital has agreed a plan for integrated transport between the city, the local region and Krapina-Zagorje County.

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