A Message From Our Chairman


Corporate growth is driven by globalization, free market economies, and increased global competition. Our experience and understanding on how to grow a business, developing innovative strategies, has helped several clients achieve impactful results-driven transformation.

Our vision is to partner with clients to help achieve transformational growth

Dear Business Leader,

Thank you for your interest in our company.

50 years ago, Frost & Sullivan started providing research and analysis across markets, technologies and growth opportunities. We were one of the first companies to analyze the market for, semiconductors , DSP chips, laser surgery, computers in medicine, kidney stone lithotripters, FFT analysis, fiber optic technology, fiber optic test equipment to name a few. The company is globally renowned for supporting its clients with a continuous flow of new innovation opportunities. More importantly, in several cases, we were the spark that facilitated many new startups, product development programs and breakthroughs in technology. For this, we are very proud and thank our clients for leveraging our work so successfully.

Today, we are completely focused on the identification of visionary innovation opportunities and on pioneering companies. Our vision is all about growth. We want to be your growth partner to help you accelerate growth and develop transformational growth strategies.

Our role in the global economy is more significant now than ever before, as we help our clients avoid the ongoing disruption and collapse of their industries by collaborating with them on the development of transformational growth strategies. Today our clients span the globe to include not just corporates, but the investment community and even the public sector.

We help clients with 3 functions:

  • Demand & Brand:  creating content based digital marketing strategies which leverage our research perspective to differentiate and “tell your story”.
  • Strategy & Vision:  We work with the CEO’s growth team to create a vision based on a transformational growth strategy.
  • Technology & IP:   We track over 1000 emerging technologies where we analyze the impact by industry and application and reveal the companies to watch in each sector.

Historic market research clearly illustrates that vast majority of companies fail to survive major disruptions in the industry. For example, none of the 600 vacuum tube companies survived the shift to transistors. We are keenly aware of the “innovators dilemma” and because of that we do our best to provoke our clients into thinking outside the box, being more curious and taking greater risks.

Our goal is to help show clients how to invest in the future and embark the journey to visionary innovation with Frost & Sullivan.

So, if your company is being disrupted by mega trends, new business models or emerging technology, it’s time to give us a call!

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