A Message From Our Chairman

Dear Business Leader,

Virtually all companies today are going through a cycle of disruption, collapse and transformation. Some companies are actively working on strategies to overcome the challenges of disruptions and many companies are simply unaware.  These companies will probably experience a  “Kodak Moment”.
The Strategic Imperative: Why Are We Here?

With more than 50 years of focus on innovation opportunities driven from disruptive technologies, mega trends, emerging markets and new business models, we have been supporting clients with transformational growth strategies. Today, more than ever before,companies need to innovate to survive and thrive in the future. The risks from resistance to change and the “innovator’s dilemma” are now too great to ignore.

Why Frost& Sullivan?

Our global research and consulting organization has been organized specifically to identify growth opportunities and companies to watch for our clients who are inspired to create powerful visions for the future and growth strategies to make them a reality. Convergence of mega trends, industries, technologies and new business models are driving a great number of “Next Big Things” and our team continues to make a big investment in the future to identify these opportunities well in advance of the investment community.

We have been the spark that facilitated many new startups, transformational growth strategies, visionary investment programs, new product development projects and breakthroughs in technology. We are ideally organized, positioned and trained to support our clients in the development of their transformational growth strategy.

Our Solutions:

Our Growth Partnership is designed to work collaboratively with our clients in the development of growth strategies.  We call it a Growth Partnership because we partner with clients on a continuous basis and become an invaluable part of their team. We are focused on 3 key value propositions with our clients to drive growth:

Three areas of collaboration include:

  • Demand & Brand: Creating content based digital marketing strategies which leverage our research perspective to differentiate and “tell your story”
  • Strategy & Vision: We work with the CEO’s growth team to create a vision based on a transformational growth strategy
  • Technology & IP: We track over 1000 emerging technologies where we analyze the impact by industry and application and reveal the companies to watch in each sector

Aspirational Impact & Benefits from this Partnership

We work with clients to thrive and survive a rapidly changing future. We help clients with all types of growth strategies and when we are successful are clients experience accelerating growth.

A summary of benefits are:

  • Achieve transformational growth
  • Inspired team of employees
  • Happy investors
  • Survive and thrive
  • Loyal customers

If you or your company are experiencing the cycle of disruption, collapse and transformation; it’s time to partner with Frost & Sullivan.

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