Urbanization - City as a Customer

icon_VIG_Urbanization.gifOver the next decade the world will experience a huge migration to urban areas, transforming traditional cities as we know them today into economic hubs.  By 2025, nearly 58% of the global population is to be located in these hubs leading to three major sub trends in the areas of urbanization:

Mega Cities:  A Mega City will house a population of over 8 million and will have a nominal GDP of $250 billion or more. By 2025, we will see 35 Mega cities spread out across the world.

Mega Region: Cities will soon expand in territory absorbing neighbouring suburbs to form Mega Regions.  Such regions will house an urban population of over 15 million by {specify year}.

Mega Corridors: Corridors between the Mega Regions and the Mega Cities will either naturally evolve or be planned through investments in transportation, real estate, and energy.

City as a Customer: The City as a Customer is an outcome of urbanization, wherein cities (and not countries) are seen as potential customers and hubs of investment, wealth creation, and economic growth.

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