The Next Game Changers - Beyond BRICS

A shift in economic power is expected in the next decade, as organizations look toward newer avenues to do business and outsource work.

Depleting resources will also pose new challenges to governments to use technology and operate with better efficiency to meet the needs of citizens.

Next Big Game Changers by $ GDP

Next Game Changers:

The next two decades will see a significant economic power shift from BRICS to Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Companies will now look at new economies beyond BRICS for new outsourcing hotspots for their business operations.

Future of Resources:

Experts are predicting 30% to 40% increase in demand of key resources such as water, food, and energy. There could be a shortage of these resources if steps are not taken to boost supply. Moreover, these resources are interdependent.

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