Health, Wellness and Wellbeing

With smarter drugs, virtual hospitals, and cyber documents, the healthcare industry is poised for a radical change, with information technology (IT) taking the forefront in research and development (R&D), diagnostics, and monitoring.

Future Patient Centric Healthcare:

Patients will have more access than ever before to health information, which will lead to a patient base; patients will take personal responsibility for their health and demand more from their physicians.

Smart Technology:

Nanobots, combination devices, electroceuticals, and genome sequencing are poised to transform the global patient care arena by enabling complex tasks on a microscopic scale and providing treatments tailored to patients’ needs.

Future of Healthcare Delivery:

The Healthcare delivery system will resemble the hubs and spokes business model. This business model will include a main hospital, satellite hospitals, and territorial units.

Robotic Healthcare:

The concept of Robot slave is gaining prominence. Increased use of robots for personal use that cater to different needs is likely to gain acceptance. Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2020, the price of personal robots will range from $1,566 to $4,699, which will commercialize this segment.

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