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VIG_Workshops.gif"Innovating with Trends" workshops constitute an incremental part of our services. They are used to drive awareness of the changes facing companies and society over the coming years and how to develop a strategic response.

Our workshops range from half day sessions to full weeks but it is typical to expect two days and to be attended by mid to senior level employees dedicated towards their company's innovation and growth. The workshops may include Strategy Planning, R&D, Marketing, Product Development, Executives and more departments. The process is highly collaborative and not only looks at key themes and issues that provide opportunities for growth, but also specific areas that can be explored to accelerate it.

We take clients through a diligent process to determine the real impact of trends on the business and explore growth opportunities.

Example Workshop Types

Mega Trends Workshop:  

A dynamic one to two day exploration into the key trends driving society. In this session we provide significant tailored content geared toward understanding new transformative and disruptive areas of growth.

Example of a "Macro to Micro" process adopted for integrating Mega Trends into strategic planning and driving market and innovation opportunities:


Smart Cities Workshop:

As cities evolve to an increasing reality of over population and pressure from global competition, they must innovate. The rise of smart cities is misunderstood by many: this one to two day session serves to drive awareness of priority areas of focus and helps cities create implementable strategy plans to tackle this complex issue.

Example of a city Growth Workshop detailing a systematic process to understand Smart Cities and uncover growth opportunities:


Future of Industry Workshop:

Industries in all areas are converging faster than companies imagine, leading to an era that we call Disrupt, Collapse and Transform. In this era, disruption is coming from all angles requiring a full 360 degree perspective to ensure a company's future. Industries are collapsing, creating new opportunities for incumbents and white space for disruptors to create new market openings. Transformation will only happen with the companies who treat foresight as the front line of attack. This session focuses on specific markets or industries to help companies evaluate growth opportunities in mobility, healthcare, IT, retail or any of the hundreds of markets our team works in.

Example of a rail vehicle systems manufacturer using the Mega Trends toolkit to drive innovation pipeline:


Future of Country Workshop:

In these sessions our team demonstrates the future of specific geographies such as Brazil, the United States of America, Europe, China, India, and others. Over two to three days our team works through all trends shaping the future, ranging from social trends, politics or urbanization, to the economy, mobility and healthcare, for example. We use the content to fuel initiatives such as new solution pipeline creation to brand or market penetration execution. The goal is to build an actionable strategy to help companies grow.

Example of a methodology used to streamline Mega Trends using internal research, external experts and workshop settings:


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