Connectivity and Convergence - Connected Living

New technologies will enable multiple innovative applications that will change the way we live, communicate and conduct business, creating a connected world in the future.

Cognitive Era:

The next few decades will see the world transition from the automation era to the cognitive era, with an increased focus on knowledge services. High-functional machine learning algorithms and scalable computing architectures will be powering the next generation devices and services, making every engagement immersive, intuitive and human-like. Cognitive technologies will bring about newer efficiencies in the businesses and transform the way we will be interacting with the machines.

Connected Living:

Connected homes, virtual work environments, and connected cities will reach a market potential of $731.79 billion by 2020, leading to a new range of ICT-enabled services such as smart lighting, mobile working solutions, and smart governance.

Big Data Analytics:

The global Big Data market is expected to generate a revenue of over $122 billion by 2025, creating new market pockets such as social sentiment analysis, smart meter data analytics, open innovation, urban lead logistics, and micro-marketing.

Sensory Tracking:

Multi-factor sensory-based trackers will revolutionize the field of technology, especially the areas of human interaction and personal identification.

Space Jam:

To aid the goal of complete connectivity and convergence of technology, the next decade will see the launch of over 1,200 satellites. The magnitude of launches in itself will create a market for support services for the aerospace industry.


Widespread mobile penetration will offer new ways for the government to offer services and maintain utilities. Moreover, communication of the government directly with businesses and citizens will increase efficiency and coverage of public services, and allow timely response to grievances.

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