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ICT.jpgWith the recent trend for digitization and embedded intelligence across industries, understanding the requirements of emerging computing and communication technologies is crucial for growth and competitive advantage. Through continuous tracking of both technology and product developments in the information, communication and network security domain, TechVision team is well positioned to analyze and predict technology and market trends as well as identify the challenges and strategic opportunities for companies across different geographies and industries.

Domain Expertise


2016-2017 RESEARCH
  • AI Innovations in Future of Manufacturing
  • Robotic Technologies for Defense
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Retail Process Automation 
  • Sensor Innovations Transforming Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances
  • Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI
  • Impact of Digitization in Marine Sector
  • Innovations in Cognitive Computing
  • Emerging Technologies and Applications of Predictive Analytics
TechVision Opportunity Engine


TechVision offerings in the form of customized studies support client in formulating strategies to support their corporate, business, functional, and operational goals. The Information and Communication Technology cluster with its global team of consultants is uniquely poised to help stakeholders in their short and long term strategy planning, formulation, and implementation.


Key Research Focus Areas