Future of Health, Beauty and Packaging


In response to the drive towards health and wellness, sustainability, and growth from developing regions, changes in life science, chemicals and personal care markets is observed to be striking. Chemicals and materials that enable health and wellness concepts such nutricosmetics, cosmeceuticals smart materials in packaging and personal protection will have a key role to play in facilitating this change.

Overview-Wellbeing.jpgThis will also create opportunities for sustainable ingredients, packaging coatings, high barrier films, smart packaging, medical device polymers, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Mitigating the reagents and materials required for smart fabrics, sensors, and diagnostics in a dynamic personal well-being market.

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Meet the Team

shomik-majumdar.jpgShomik Majumdar

Vice President

raghu-tantry.jpgRaghu Tantry

Principal Consultant

nandhini-rajagopal.jpgDr. Nandhini Rajagopal

Global Program Manager

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan's expertise in Health, Beauty and Packaging research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas.

Medical Polymers

Medical-Polymers.gifPolymers and coatings used in implants, orthopaedics, dental adhesives, balloon catheters, endoscopes, and stents, drain tubing, and ophthalmic devices.


Packaging.gifFlexible packaging, labeling, caps & closures, high barrier films, packaging coatings and films.

Personal Care

Personal-Care2.gifOrganic cosmetic ingredients, home care ingredients, antimicrobial ingredients, anti-ageing ingredients, exfoliators, and moisturizing ingredients.

Smart Fabrics and Sensors

Smart-Fabrics-and-Sensors.gifPolymers used in smart cloths and the materials used in the manufacturing of sensors in wearable electronics.


Lifesciences.gifActive pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals used in diagnostic reagents, and excipients.


Oleochemicals.gifFatty acids and its derivatives, fatty alcohols and its derivatives, glycerine, and refined glycerine.

Research and Current Insights

Consumer concern for holistic health has augmented the demand for preventive healthcare. Frost & Sullivan’s dedicated Global Personal Well Being (PWB) Program makes informed strategic and tactical decisions based on robust and accurate insight. Our research services understand the dynamically changing consumer trends in cosmetics and packaging sectors. The value at stake in understanding these long term perspectives is significant. The output of the platform is a series of specific market studies, insightful presentations, and interactive workshops.

Globalization has influenced significant lifestyle changes in the developing nations of the world. It has also led to the rise of a high income group which thereby leads to changing patterns of food consumption. Our research services helps to understand the technology adoption in light-weight materials, thereby creating new avenues for medical care. An average drug loses up to 36.0% of sales due to non-medical adherence. We at Frost & Sullivan analyse the disease state, unique characteristics of the market, and geographic trends to develop insights on developing smart and functional packaging.

Future of Health, Beauty and Packaging Research

Innovations in Sustainable Ingredients for Moisturizers

This Industrial Bioprocessing TOE features trends and innovations in production of moisturizers using sustainable ingredients. The TOE focuses on various technology innovations that are using natural resources to manufacture moisturizers, skin care and body care lotions. The TOE also provides…

Self-healing Materials for Healthcare Applications

Global healthcare sector has always focused on developing innovative materials that can address the evolving needs of patients and caregivers. Self-healing materials due to its biodegrability and healing attributes are gaining importance in healthcare market especially in implants and drug delivery…

Barrier Films for Personal Care Applications

Barrier films are being extensively used for packaging personal care products to improve their shelf-life, contain breakages, and preserve the active ingredients present in the products without the use of any added preservatives. Material manufacturers across the globe are developing high barrier…

Plastics and Composites for the Healthcare Industry

Plastics are used widely in the healthcare industry, from packaging and components to the devices. Key attributes such as better barrier properties for packaging, environmental protection, cost savings, radiation stability, fewer infections, transparency, biocompatibility, increased comfort and…

Alternatives to Polymeric Microbeads Developed Using Sustainable Sources

Currently, microbeads used in cosmetics and other personal care products such as skin cleansers, shower gels, and creams are made of plastics such as polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. However, plastic microbeads are harmful for the environment as they are non-biodegradable. They also…

Analysis of the Global Omega-3 EPA+DHA Ingredients Market

This research service identifies the major market drivers and restraints and regulatory, product, market, and technology trends in the global Omega-3 ingredient market. The study focuses on different end-application segments such as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, infant…

Polymers for Medical Applications - High-Tech Materials TOE

The healthcare industry is witnessing steady growth with the changing needs of people in the past few years. Advances in this industry, such as increased interest in miniaturization, aesthetic appeal of medical devices (especially orthopedic ones), are influencing material development for healthcare…

Probiotics in Household Products - Industrial Bioprocessing TOE

This Industrial Bioprocessing TOE depicts trends across probiotic-based household products. It covers the use of probiotics in household products as an alternate to toxic chemicals, probiotics treated textiles to kill dust mites, for combating sleep allergy, and probiotics in personal care products…

Advances in Nanotechnology for the Cosmetic Industry - Nanotech TOE

Nanomaterials possess the ability to significantly improve performance of cosmetic and personal care products. This is chiefly owing to their nanoscale size, wherein nanomaterials posses superior chemical, biochemical, and physical properties when compared to conventional additives. The biggest…

Biomaterials for Healthcare Applications - High-Tech Materials TOE

The global healthcare materials market (especially for implants) is focusing on product development to suit patient requirements, increase the rate of successful surgical outcomes, and reduce rejection rates. Researchers are focusing on developing cost-effective materials that can give better…

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Growth Consulting

Consulting-Wellbeing.jpgOur global growth consulting model is a complete growth lifecycle partnership that includes industry and technology research, ideation, best practices, strategy and implementation expertise. Understanding the universe of opportunities, and prioritizing them by size, fit, risk, and other criteria in a continually disruptive arena marked by industry convergence and new business models is a required starting point for any growth project. In view of our unique global footprint, our consulting teams are able to conduct deep dive analysis of vetted opportunities delivering go-to-market strategies enabling our clients to achieve transformational growth.

Our global consulting team comprises of core subject matter experts from chemicals supported by vertical market and customer research analysts including technology specialists. The consulting project team leverages expertise from our extensive network of vertical industry practices and our specialized market research groups.

Our clients are made up of primary suppliers, value chain entities like distributors, formulators, component suppliers and customers/OEMs and/or brand owners. Market sectors that our clients conduct business include polymer, coatings, adhesives, personal care, building construction, oil and gas, transportation, medical, food and beverage, personal protective equipment and consumer packaged goods.

Frost & Sullivan's team can support your organization on each of the following areas:

  • Growth Pipeline: Vision Alignment, Mega Trends,  White Space Assessment, Prioritization, Disruptive Technologies, Convergence and Innovation
  • Opportunity Evaluation: Market Sizing, Forecasting, Competitive Intelligence, IP Due Diligence, SWOT
  • Customers: Needs, Brand Perceptions, Behavior, Usage and Attitudes
  • Market Strategies: Go-to-Market Recommendations, Best Practices Benchmarking, Strategy and Growth Maps/Processes, Pricing, Financial Modeling and Valuations
  • Implementation and Optimization: Action Plans, Rollout, Execution, KPIs and Monitoring

Project Examples

  • Growth  Pipeline
  • White Space & Adjacency Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Opportunity Evaluation & Feasibility Assessment
  • M&A
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Technology Assessment
  • Vertical Market Expansion
  • Scenario Visioning and Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Voice of Customer
  • New Product Launch
  • Market/Technology Valuation
  • Portfolio Analysis
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On-site Scenario Visioning Workshop: A Think Tank methodology to assist clients in identifying possible scenarios for the future and identifying the “next big things” (innovation opportunities). Helps our clients in contingency planning to be prepared for all outcomes and to be the first mover on key outcomes. Also trains clients to be a visionary innovator.

On-site Growth Strategy Workshop: Interactive and collaborative one day event moderated by Frost & Sullivan’s team of industry experts and client project takeholders to brainstorm implications, strategies and action plans.Deployment of growth tools like decision support matrix, implementation difficulty and strategy maps to map out options. Ensures executive alignment around scenario planning.

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"Frost & Sullivan provided us with a very clear picture of the market opportunity we wanted to better understand. They demostrated excellent knowledge of the end use industry and high standards of professionalism. Their clear recommendations helped us to precisely focus our marketing effort. The continuous dialog with Frost & Sullivan throughout the project enabled us to make best use of our resources. Good value for money!"


"Frost & Sullivan played a vital role in helping us to determine whether or not we should expand one of our businesses worldwide. Having become an extension to our team, they approached the assignment with enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism. We were fortunate to have a Frost & Sullivan team on the ground in three continents to conduct the research. The fact base Frost & Sullivan helped build ultimately saved us $ millions in a failed market entry attempt into unattractive markets. I look forward to working with Frost & Sullivan again."


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