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Future of Advanced Medical Technologies Facing Companies in the Advanced Medical Technologies Sector:

Changing Face of the CustomerAs innovative solutions (therapies and interventions) are developed, the addressable population increases. The ability to care for more customers and the changing decision making structure poses some tactical market access questions for medical OEM’s.

Solution Centric ApproachesMedical solutions today are more than just treating the clinical conditions. The same medical OEM’s are offering solutions that solve a business challenge at the same time as fulfil a clinical need.

Market Disruptors on the HorizonThe entry of new players with innovative business models, keeps incumbent medical OEM’s awake at night. New pricing structure, service solutions, digital approaches and partnership models along with disruptive therapeutic applications is changing the market dynamics around the globe.

Nurturing Long Term PartnershipsMedical OEM’s are increasingly feeling the need to partner with their care provider customers, as the latter struggle with the mandates of accountable care and outcomes / value based re-imbursement models. OEM’s strive to partner over a longer period of time as the days of tactical sales are numbered.

Meet the Team

Nadim.jpgNadim Daher

Industry Principal

SandeepS.jpgSandeep Sinha

Vice President

siddharth_saha.jpgSiddharth Saha

Vice President

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan's expertise in Advanced Medical Technologies research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas.

Diagnostics & Monitoring Technologies

Diagnostics_Monitoring_Technologies.jpgOur extensive coverage includes: Radiography, DR, Ultrasound; Interventional X-ray, Hybrid OR; CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine; Imaging Informatics and Managed Services, Refurbished.

High Impact Interventional & Therapeutic Technologies

High_Impact_Interventional_Therapeutic_Technologies.jpgOur coverage includes: Surgical Technologies, Wound Care, Orthopedics; Cardiac & Vascular therapies; Infection Control, Drug Delivery.

Care & Business Services Transformation

Care & Business Services Transformation.jpgOur coverage includes: Innovative Business Models; Managed Equipment and Risk Sharing Partnership Models; Procurement Changes, Role of Logistics & Supply Chain.

Growth Strategy Dialog

The Growth Strategy dialog is an essential tool to help your team understand the challenges and opportunities that you will need to address in the future. It takes one hour and sparks innovative thinking, strategies and teamwork. It is also the key forum through which we at Frost & Sullivan engage with our clients and partners.

Experience the impact this thought leadership and growth opportunities will have on your company by scheduling a complimentary Growth Strategy Dialog with our team.

Our goal is to inspire you to action, and in so doing, earn the right to partner with you. We guarantee that your team will derive value from both the exposure to new growth opportunities and to the strategic dialog that emerges from this investment of time.

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Frost & Sullivan's Growth Consulting services support our clients who require customized and collaborative solutions to help their companies meet revenue targets, capture market share and expand portfolios. Most projects are focused on addressing highly strategic challenges that require creative research techniques and deep market insights to address our clients’ specific needs. Our projects focus on ten primary areas:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Geographic Expansion
  • New Product Development and Concept Testing
  • New Product Launch
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Distribution Channel Optimization
  • Vertical Market Expansion
  • Customer Strategy
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Technology Strategy (Licensing, Applications)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Digital Transformation and Strategies

Growth Consulting clients are primarily healthcare technology and service providers such as medical device and diagnostic companies, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, and firms in the healthcare information technology and connected health markets. Companies supporting these firms, whether for professional services and logistics or components and software, also regularly turn to us for insight into the multi-billion dollar healthcare vertical. Our broad base of capabilities can be leveraged by any entity seeking to grow in the intersection between healthcare and technology innovation.

Recognizing each project as unique, Frost & Sullivan crafts the optimal approach to addressing our clients’ needs. These tools may include:

  Qualitative Quantitative
Existing Knowledge
  • Existing analyst knowledge
  • Published Frost & Sullivan research deliverables
  • Frost & Sullivan events
  • Industry contacts and relationships
  • Secondary research 
  • Third-party databases
  • Mining internal Frost & Sullivan databases
  • External publically-available data sources
  • Contracted data sources for resale or integration
  • Creative modeling and forecasting
New Knowledge
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Panels/forums/workshops
  • Observational research/audits
  • Conference attendance/ research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Ideation/brainstorming
  • Perceptual mapping studies
  • Delphi studies
  • Surveys (CATI, online, tradeshow)
  • Utility trials/studies
  • Epidemiology surveys
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Value/ROI modeling
  • Other economic studies/modeling


Why Partner with Frost & Sullivan?

  • Deep subject matter expertise with highly educated consultants focusing entirely on the healthcare technology sector
  • More than 45 locations around the world to provide unparalleled global access and insights
  • Collaborative teams that formed across industry sectors supporting healthcare technology vertical, e.g. materials, mobility and wireless, power systems, sensors, software, logistics, transportation, food, and others
  • Strong reputation and deep network of healthcare technology contacts to support rapid and insightful industry research and networking
  • Decades of experience in epidemiological, financial, and competitive forecast modelling, providing quantitative rigor and to all our engagements
  • Proven processes and methodologies tested across hundreds of projects with the world’s leading firms
  • Creative thought leadership and deep insights into market dynamics to help product development teams and executives create and validate new whitespace opportunities
  • Ability to design and facilitate on-site workshops with our clients which use proprietary exercises to evaluate opportunities, develop strategies and reach consensus on next steps
  • An established brand known for excellence in the field of healthcare technology innovation that can be leveraged for custom whitepapers, e-broadcasts and other tactical marketing initiatives
  • A highly-skilled team of quantitative research professionals capable of designing and executing complex methodologies, including conjoint analysis, MaxDiff, multivariate analysis and others
  • Access to a broad network of affiliated service partners and third party data tools to extend our capabilities
Types of Companies Examples of Recent Projects
Medical Devices (Class I/II/III) In-Depth Evaluation of Market Dynamics for 25 Medical Device Segments Where Implantable Textiles Are Used for a Materials Company Looking to Expand into Healthcare
Diagnostic Imaging and Patient Monitoring Conjoint Analysis of Radiology Directors and Hospital Executives to Develop Innovative Diagnostic Imaging Service Contract Strategies for a Major OEM
Drug Delivery/ Combination Devices Physician Interviews and Patient Surveys to Assess Opportunity for a Transdermal Delivery System for Iron Deficiency Anemia for a Start Up
Biologics Large-Scale Consumer Perception Survey of Cord Blood Banking Services in Malaysia 
Healthcare Providers Assessing Licensing Potential for an Enterprise Learning System of a Leading Tertiary Healthcare Provider
Suppliers/ Service Providers to Industry Interactive Digital Whitepaper with Embedded Video on the Future of the Global Healthcare Products Supply Chain for a Major Logistics Company
Consumer Health Competitive Profiles on 1,200+ Weight Loss and Skin Care Product Available Worldwide to Support R&D Efforts of a Major Competitor
Investors Buy-Side Valuation Analysis and Financial Modeling for Investment Consideration in an Energy-Based Medical Device  Start Up
Professional Associations Annual Customer Survey on U.S. Purchasing Patterns for Laboratory Products Commissioned by a Leading Industry Association 


Frost & Sullivan Advanced Medical Technologies team can support your organisation on each of the following areas:

  • Developing your internationalisation strategy and entering new growth regional markets
  • Mergers and acquisitions support including market and vendor due diligence for financial industry
  • Customer analysis: “Voice of customer” assignments focusing on your customers current and future needs
  • Benchmarking you against your competitors across functions in innovation, R&D, product development, sales and marketing
  • Supporting  medical devices companies assess acceptance of new technologies and products and creating business cases including cost benefit analysis
  • Developing commercialization strategy and ROI models for medical devices including evaluating their cost value drivers
  • Assessing and developing current and future digital transformation strategies

globe_abstract-network.pngFrost & Sullivan’s Growth Workshops help clients establish a narrow portfolio of key market opportunities from a larger pool of options.  These interactive sessions help clients identify the strongest opportunities in the market and brainstorm strategies for pursuing those opportunities. Growth Workshops run the gamut of market analysis, from opportunity identification to strategy development to planning and implementation. Each workshop’s design is based on the full breadth of client objectives and desired outcomes.

Growth Workshop Consultants help clients funnel and prioritize which opportunities fit best with the company's internal capabilities. During these workshops, attendees gain market knowledge and are trained on evaluation tools and techniques to translate market, competitive, technical, regulatory and economic implications into specific growth opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Workshops use a range of tools and exercises to help clients identify and prioritize key market opportunities, such as:

  • Opportunity/Fit Matrix
  • Decision Support Scorecard
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Executive Alignment Surveys

"Frost & Sullivan worked with Tissue and Eye Services (a division of NHS Blood and Transplant) to deliver an informed opinion on market potential and dynamics in the tissues market. Their thought leadership on market segmentation, market share and insights into what influenced customers buying behaviour enabled us to reassess our strategy and focus on products that would deliver growth. Their partnership approach worked for us and they were responsive to our challenge and questions in specific areas of interest."


"We have been very satisfied with the consulting project we commissioned with Frost & Sullivan. The analysts were responsive to our needs and accessible during the project. The finished research was quite thorough and, as we later saw, proved to be a highly accurate depiction of the market."

Abbott Laboratories

"We have found Frost & Sullivan’s work to be nothing short of excellent. The consulting project results were concise and cohesive, leading us to better understand a market that is usually complex and difficult to research."

Novo Nordisk

"We have relied on Frost & Sullivan’s strategic research studies for reliable insights into several competitive markets. Their ability to identify and analyze industry-specific trends gives their clients not only a clear indication of where markets are going, but why they are going there."


"The team was knowledgeable and not only determined what information would be helpful in the long-term, but delivered it in a short amount of time. The study helped us make good strategic decisions, backed by reliable market-based information."


“It was great to talk to your analysts and grateful for everything you and the team do to support our company on a daily basis.”

Global Market Intelligence Manager, Medical Devices Company

"You are my most trusted source for information on a myriad of topics.”

Fortune 500 Company

"This looks very comprehensive and a huge piece of work. Definitively a vendor we can consider for some of our later stage assets."

Global Strategic Marketing, Oncology, Pharma Company