Information and Communication Technologies

With the recent trend for digitization and embedded intelligence across industries, understanding the requirements of emerging computing and communication technologies is crucial for growth and competitive advantage.

Through continuous tracking of both technology and product developments in the information, communication and network security domain, TechVision team is well positioned to analyze and predict technology and market trends as well as identify the challenges and strategic opportunities for companies across different geographies and industries.

Key Research Focus Areas


Software-defined Networking


Bluetooth 4.0
Location-based Services
Mobile Payment/ Mobile E-commerce
4G LTE / 5G
Software-defined Radio Network


Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Cloud Robotics


Smart Sensors
Sensor Fusion
Machine 2 Machine Communication
Context-Aware Computing
IoT Security


Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Data Visualization
Big Data Security


Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

Value Proposition

Key Questions of Clients


Whom should I partner with?


What is the National Roadmap and what are the best practices adopted by other countries?


What are the R&D areas I should focus on?


What is the opportunity for the technology in 5 to 10 years?


What are the attractive markets for my technology?


What are the technologies I should invest in?


Who are my competitors and what are they doing unique?


Which region should I gain entry?

Engagement Types

  • Assessment of R&D portfolio
  • R&D management
  • IP Consulting
  • Technology investment Opportunities
    • Evaluation of funding initiatives
    • Merger and acquisition opportunities
    • Identification of strategic alliance partners
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Market Opportunity analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Evaluation of nation innovation indicators and country’s best practices
  • Technology and patent valuation
  • Business model innovation

Latest Research

  • Impact Assessment of Robotics in the Logistics Sector
  • Opportunities for Blockchain in Manufacturing
  • Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence
  • Technologies Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing
  • 5G: the Emerging Digital Frontier
  • Medical Device Innovations Furthering FemTech
  • Breakthrough Technologies Building Superior Hospital Infrastructure
  • Technology Convergence Driving Smart Home Automation/Connected Living
  • Drones: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Technologies Enabling Circular Economy
  • Disruptive Technologies in Digital Health
  • Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis
  • Internet of Transformation: Advancements in IoT
  • Cognitive Security: The New Global Imperative
  • Geospatial Intelligence Driving the Future of Smart Cities
  • Internet-delivered Therapies and Mobile Health Ushering a New Health Paradigm
  • Antenna Technology: Application and Opportunity Assessment
  • Opportunities for Sensors in Digital Farming
  • Intelligent Automation Technologies Transforming Industrial Manufacturing
  • Disruptive Innovations in Smart Waste Management
  • Blockchain for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Innovations in Biomarker Analytics: Deriving Actionable Insights from the Data Deluge
  • Assessment of ICT Start-up Ecosystem in India
  • Digitization in Chemical Industry: Technology Impact Assessment
  • Advancements in AI on Edge – Emerging Applications and Innovations
  • Digitalization in Smart Grid Networks – Emerging Application and Impact Assessment
  • Image-guided Navigation Technologies Providing Surgical Guidance
  • HealthWear Enabling Continuous Monitoring and Remote Therapies
  • Opportunities Assessment of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Electronics
  • Technology Convergence Impacting Oil and Gas Sector
  • Sensor Innovations Driving IoT: Opportunity Analysis
  • Future of EXperience: AI is the new UI
  • Duel Neural Networks: R&D and Applications Roadmap
  • Mobility in the Realm of Cognitive Era
  • NeXt Generation Technologies Enabling High-Performance Diagnostic Devices
  • Advanced Visualization Technologies Improving Medical Imaging and Diagnosis
  • Disruptive Opportunities for Data Storage Technologies/Electronics Manufacturing – Country Benchmarking and Best Practices Assessment
  • Advancements in Automotive Electronics
  • Free-Space Optics and Visible Light Communication: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Breakthrough Sensor Innovations in L4 and L5 Autonomous Driving

The TechVision group offers a suite of strategic services ranging from a continuous flow of forward-looking intelligence on emerging technologies and new age innovations, interactivity with technology and industry experts, bespoke strategy consulting on technology investments, roadmaps, IP landscapes, and executive workshops for innovation and R&D leadership teams. These services empower its users with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth of their organizations.

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