Tech Transfer & Engineering Program

Newest 360° Research

tech trans.jpgThe current economic scenario like most inflection points in global history, brings with it challenges and opportunities. We find ourselves at a juncture where the future course of progress for institutions and organizations will depend on their response to these evolutionary pressures.

A growing constraint on resources, worsening climate change, increasing healthcare costs, dependence on fossil fuels and a surge in global public health disasters, collectively present the most daunting challenge of the century. The solutions to such a wide array of challenges can result from concerted effort to further innovation at global innovation centers such as universities, government research labs, corporate R&D centers and institutions dedicated to technology development.

  Tech Transfer & Engineering Program Key 360° Issues

  • The pressure on university budgets is impacting Technology Transfer offices
  • Administration is under pressure to monetize investment in technology
  • There is a growing gap between business and the academic world
  • Universities are under increasing pressure to find new technology
Access to real-time industry research
Exposure to best practices
Timely and relevant materials
Enhanced technology marketability
Continuous access to best practices
Direct access to Frost & Sullivan research experts
Shortened time to market
Global industry research
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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Clean & Green Environment
Health & Wellness
Information & Communication
Materials & Coatings
Medical Devices & Imaging
Sensors & Control
Sustainable Energy
Information & Communications Technology
Aerospace & Defense
Chemicals, Materials & Food
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Measurement & Instrumentation
Electronics & Security
Energy & Power Systems
Automotive & Transportation
Environmental & Building Technologies