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Outlook of the Global Analytical Instrumentation Industry, 2017 and 2018
July 10th
We Have Seen the Future of IT, and it is Big Data: Part 2: A Blueprint for Privacy, in the IoT and Everywhere
July 7th
We Have Seen the Future of IT, and it is Big Data: Part 1 Will IoT Privacy Issues Steal the Future?
June 30th
Global IoT in Financial Services Market, 2017
June 19th
Fintech in the Global Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025
June 18th
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big data.jpgThe foundations of the Big Data & Analytics (BDA) market were laid in the early 2000s, when commodity servers and open sourced software were used to replace proprietary database and analytic systems. Products and services in the BDA space now number in the hundreds, ranging from core database technologies and software platforms to special-purpose analytics for every conceivable function.

Stratecast’s BDA practice serves both buyers and sellers with an outstanding combination of market research, industry analysis and custom consulting engagements.


Industry Convergence

Aerospace & Defense
Automotive & Transportation
Business & Financial Services
Consumer Technologies
Electronics & Security
Energy & Power Systems
Environment & Building Technologies
Transformational Health
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Measurement & Instrumentation
Metals & Minerals
Public Sector


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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Information & Communication
Sensors & Control
Health & Wellness
Medical Devices & Imaging