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odam_expertise.jpgMore than a half-century ago, CSP network and business management processes were manual (OAM&P). As CSPs have evolved over the years, so have the operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) that address CSP business and network management needs. In recent years, the lines between OSS and BSS have become less clear, with much overlap. In addition, the roles in which OSS and BSS operate have expanded beyond traditional boundaries. As such, Stratecast now uses the term Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) to encompass both the traditional OSS and BSS functions and the new areas in which business and operations management must now work together, including virtualized networking and telecom data analysis.

frost_sullivan_research-6.jpgFrost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

Global CSP Monetization 2017 Edition Part 2: Billing Mediation Market Forecast and Market Share Analysis

The Stratecast Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) analyst team has completed its annual assessment of the communications service provider (CSP) monetization market. This market is defined by Stratecast to include the key business management functions of: billing…

Monetization: The Long Game for Network Operators

Existing (legacy) systems cannot address the operations, orchestration and monetization requirements that the above-listed transformational initiatives bring to bear. New systems are the ultimate answer, but addressing the legacy gap left by existing systems cannot come from a mandate to rip and…

Microservices: The Communication Industry s Next Little Big Thing

The ODAM sector is now forced to respond to a virtualization transformation idea it can hardly be called a plan that was basically sprung on them with no clear direction for simultaneously supporting the physical and virtual components of a hybrid network. The idea of winging it for operations and…

Global CSP Monetization 2017 Edition Part 1: End-to-End CSP Monetization Market Drivers, Forecast, Market Share, Delivery Model, and Requirements Analysis

If 2016--the base year for our 2017 CSP monetization solution supplier market share and forecast assessment--saw some change from the status quo, 2017 and beyond will provide a much larger redirection in the way CSP monetization and business management solutions are purchased and used. This report…

The Elastic Telco: How a Smart Catalog Drives a Smart Business

The best catalog-based solutions for CSPs will be those that perform incredibly complex acrobatics on the inside; yet, take usability to a new level of simplicity on the outside; and extend that usability to a broad set of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders. Leveraging analytics will be a…

Using the Agile Fractal Grid as a Platform Ecosystem for Digital Services

The Agile Fractal Grid and its role in managing the US rural electric grid will be discussed in this report. Also discussed is why the XaaS monetization model is a good first step in realizing the influence of digital services, and the improvements these services bring to the customer experience.…

Optimizing Field Force Operations: A Solution for Today, a Strategy for Tomorrow

The aim for many providers of home networked services may be to operate with a self-service/plug-and-play model. However, the need for installing and managing the broadband connection, the complexity of home networking, and the nuances evolving from the greater connected machine IoT sector will…

Service Quality is Non-Virtual: Performance Metrics must be Real and Near Real-Time

This report looks at some of the ways virtualization changes what CSPs must look for to gauge performance; and how they must view the character of their networks and services based on new metrics. While Stratecast has always blanched at the characterization, by some pontificators, of CSPs and their…

Insights into Digital Transformation: The Role of Monetization in the Communications Service Provider Market

This SPIE begins with an objective look at how important getting digital transformation right is for global CSPs, by presenting the results of a recent Stratecast survey. This objective view yields insight into what has been a rather subjective outlook on digital transformation in general, and the…

Monetizing Digital Services and Partner Ecosystems: New Approaches are Needed to Meet Business Expectations

The XaaS monetization model is considered by many as a first step in realizing the power of digital services and the improvements these services bring to the customer experience. XaaS also provides an alternative channel to revenue for the selling organization, because this approach can work…

growth_consulting_frost_sullivan-7.pngWith our Growth Consulting services, we support critical business decisions by leveraging objective, third-party market research and strategic analysis. We deliver a crisp, clear, and targeted message tailored to your defined audience, educating your customer base and accelerating your sales cycle with objective third-party validation.

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big_data-7.jpgFrost & Sullivan can deliver a bespoke workshop to your organisation to highlight the emerging Connected Consumer trends, and identify the impact to your organization. This is flexible around your needs, where we can attend your strategy day or workshop as an external expert keynote speaker, through to full facilitation of a workshop to ensure your delegates are fully engaged with opportunities and their relevance to their department. Full written follow-up insights and actionable strategies are provided thereafter. We have delivered such workshops for leading providers across the value chain (list available on request).

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Stephan Tallent, Director, Fortinet, Inc.

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Case Studies

Technology Firm Seeking To Partner with Service Providers In Offering Managed Services


One of the world's largest technology firms wanted to play a more significant role in providing managed solutions to enterprise (Fortune 1000) customers, in partnership with service providers. The goal was to work with Stratecast Partners to determine how to leverage service providers as partners in providing managed solutions to enterprises.

Consulting Approach

The Stratecast analyst team, comprised of analysts specializing in service provider business models and alliances/partnerships, worked with the client to help it identify the short list of service providers worth considering as partners on the managed services front. Stratecast analysts also worked with the client to identify the optimal type of model to follow in developing and managing such a partnership.

The Stratecast analyst team worked with the client to identify what types of managed solutions to focus on, including both communications services and applications components. Stratecast analysts based these recommendations on knowledge of the evolving networking/IT requirements of enterprises, along with knowledge of the service providers' key areas of focus.


The client selected the top three service providers with which to work on developing, marketing, and delivering managed solutions to enterprise customers. The client has now successfully forged relationships with these service providers and is working with them to jointly develop and market solutions targeting enterprise customers around the world.

OSS/BSS Solution Provider Targeting Global Service Providers


Despite success in providing solutions to other industry verticals, a multi-billion dollar technology firm had achieved limited success with communications service providers (CSPs). Stratecast Partners was tasked with helping the client develop a more detailed view of the CSP market. The goal was to better position the company to map its solution capabilities to the key business and technology requirements of the CSPs it was targeting.

Consulting Approach

The Stratecast analyst team, comprised of analysts specializing in service provider business models and OSS/BSS systems and processes, worked with the client to help it accurately predict (1) which CSPs would emerge as leading players, and (2) what their top priorities would be with regard to network/service evolution and operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS). The analyst team then helped the client define the key components it would need to include in its solution for CSPs.

The Stratecast analyst team worked with the client to craft messaging that conveyed the merits of the company's solution for CSPs. Stratecast helped the client identify the key aspects of the solution to highlight, and helped the client define which aspects of the CSP's business would be positively impacted.


The client began conveying this message and value proposition to CSPs around the world, and has established itself as a leading player in helping service providers optimize their networks, systems, and processes.

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