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Cyber_Security.jpgFrost & Sullivan has Uncovered the Top Enterprise Security Mega Trends

  • The increasing sophistication and focused targeting of attacks boosts the demand placed on the security architecture.
  • Evolving compliance requirements for organizations are layered on top of the core need for security.
  • The shortage of in-house and deep security expertise and talent drives organizations to look beyond doing what has been done in the past.
  • The increasing complexity of network security point products is difficult to manage for businesses with small security teams and breeds opportunities for mistakes or gaps for exploitation by attackers.
  • Intensifying focus on the core functions of the organization drive cloud service adoption and increasing use of third party services providers.
  • Analytics drive advance threat detection. New and better data will “be the rage,” moving the focus away from the network perimeter and to commutations networks and to the endpoint.

cybersecurity.jpgWhy Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast practice directly assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing critical and objective insights. Stratecast's industry analysts and market experts provide the telecommunications industry with market consulting and tactical strategic forecasting.

This market information and industry research helps senior executives make critical business, technology, product, partnership, and tactical strategy decisions. Our custom consulting, analyst availability, and market subscriptions provide your firm with winning business growth strategies.

With 40+ Offices monitoring for opportunities and challenges, our Cyber Security team delivers:

  • An annual tracker
  • Guidance to consumers of network security
  • Deep research on network security


frost_sullivan_research-1.jpgFrost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

Client Benefits

The strategic insights that Stratecast|Frost & Sullivan provides will help your business outpace the competition in the escalating cloud wars.

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growth_consulting_frost_sullivan-1.pngAll organizations have sensitive data. Whether that data is patient information, customer transactions, financial information, or intellectual property, it is information that needs to be protected, both to protect the organization and its customers.

Companies in virtually every industry, from banking/financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, retail, manufacturing services, and public sector have Network Security solutions in place to protect their networks and systems from outside attack.

Key areas where Frost & Sullivan can provide value include the following:

  • New Product and Services Solutions: We can support your organization in developing or deploying new cyber security products and services that deliver greater customer value.
  • Business Model Transformation: We can support you in transforming your business to address the challenges and opportunities of the industry's shift to the cloud.
  • Customer Analysis: We can help identify specific customer needs and pain points through detailed surveys and data analyses.
  • Branding and Positioning: Frost & Sullivan can support your organization through an integrated marketing platform to more effectively launch and promote new products, services or business models.
  • Statistical Analysis and Forecasting: We can assess growth opportunities and market potential in new/specific customer segments, geographies and product/service areas.

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big_data-3.jpgFrost & Sullivan can deliver a bespoke workshop to your organisation to highlight the emerging Connected Consumer trends, and identify the impact to your organization. This is flexible around your needs, where we can attend your strategy day or workshop as an external expert keynote speaker, through to full facilitation of a workshop to ensure your delegates are fully engaged with opportunities and their relevance to their department. Full written follow-up insights and actionable strategies are provided thereafter. We have delivered such workshops for leading providers across the value chain (list available on request).

From Growth, Innovation & Leadership Silicon Valley 2015

Getting an overview how other businesses structured their services. Which tools should work best for my service teams and how to get to a better customer engagement.

Jens Voigt, Director, PPRO Financial

GIL offered real ideas and experiences to the core words of innovation and leadership. GIL was also able to deliver a return on the investment of time far above any other event you will attend in your career.

Mark Baker, CIO, JAS

A combination of highly relevant topics geared for business executives in leadership positions.

Stephan Tallent, Director, Fortinet, Inc.

Expertise Areas


Wireless IDS/IPS
Content Filtering
Web App Firewalls


Mobile Anti-Malware
Content Filtering
Full Disk Encryption
Secure USB

Manufacturing_465x65.jpgAccess Control

One Time Password Tokens
SSL Certificates
Identity Management

Big_Data__Analytics.jpgManaged Services

Penetration Testing
Vulnerbility Assessment

Digital_Marketing.jpgVulnerability Research

Quarterly Vulnerability Research Trackers
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Research Feeds
Application Security


Meet the Team

North America

Suby.jpgMichael P. Suby

Vice President of Research, Stratecast

Rodriguez.jpgChris Rodriguez

Senior Industry Analyst

Kissel.jpgChris Kissel

Industry Analyst


Carleton.jpgJarad Carleton

Principal Consultant & Project Manager

zhong.jpgYiru Zhong

Senior Industry Analyst


Yu.jpgEdison Yu

Vice President, Digital Transformation

Lim.jpgCharles Lim

Industry Principal

niihara.jpgTetsuya Niihara

Industry Principal

Vivien.jpgVivien Pua

Research Associate

yoon.jpgMisun Yoon

Industry Analyst

Tien.jpgVu Anh Tien

Industry Analyst

Latin America

chede.jpgMauricio Chede

ICT Industry Analyst

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