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Business & Financial Services
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bussiness_financial_services.jpgFrost & Sullivan's Business & Financial Services group serves global clients in the financial services sector, including commercial and retail banks, investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, asset management companies, hedge funds, and other specialty finance firms, as well as real estate investment trusts, insurance companies, management consultants.

 Business & Financial Services Key 360° Issues

  • Identification of growth opportunities for public and private companies, and revenue and growth rates for companies
  • Benchmarking financial firms on the areas of profitability, cost structure, working capital, turnover, leverage, cash flow, and investment returns
  • Valuation and financial metrics (EV, EV/LTM Sales, EV/LTM EBITDA, P/E Ratios) of financial services firms

Region Coverage

North America
Latin America
South Africa
South Asia
Asia Pacific

Sector Coverage

Medical Devices

Cardiovascular Devices
Orthopedic Devices
Wound Care & Management
Surgical Instrumentation
Ophthalmology Equipment
Respiratory & Anesthesia
Biomaterials & Hemostats
Fitness Equipment
Disinfection & Sterilization Products
Dialysis Equipment
Durable Medical Equipment
Neurology Equipment
Infusion Systems
Hearing Aids
Endoscopy Systems
Disposable Surgical Supplies
Cosmetics & Aesthetic Equipment
Robotic & Image Guided Surgery


Airport Financing
Fractional Ownership
Aerospace Equipment & Services
Airport Security Equipment
Aircraft Leasing & Financing
Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)


Municipal Water
Industrial Water
Residential Water
Water Financing


Enterprise Content Management
Supply Chain Management
Product Lifecycle Management

Auto ID & Security

Video Surveillance
Point of Sale (POS)

Specialty Chemicals

Fine Chemicals
Plastic Additives
Paints & Coatings
Electronic Chemicals


Renewable Energy
Distributed Generation
Power Plant Services

Automotive & Transportation

Infotainment & Telematics
Commercial Vehicle Safety Systems
Next Generation Diesel Engines
Power Train Market


Financial Analysis

Analyze financial trends in key growth segments
Financial benchmarking against industry averages
Identify areas for internal improvement
Support corporate finance and treasury departments
Identify sources of funding

Merger & Acquisition Support

Business Plan validation
Analysis of all top-line assumptions
Proprietary investment ideas
Specific company identification
Due diligence support
Valuation and historical transaction analysis
Shareholders’ value creation
Post-merger performance metrics

Equity Research

Analysis of public companies

Specific Investment Ideas

Specific company identification
Proprietary investment ideas
Coverage of both public and private companies
Customized investment ideas for all stages of the investment cycle: venture start-up to late-stage buy-out
Equity analysis for institutional investors and hedge funds

Financial Trend Identification

Identify opportunities in growth segments
Analyze current trends and financial implications
Cost structure and working capital improvement
Financial ratio analysis

Financial Framework for Analysis

Industry comparables and valuation
Financial ratio analysis
Portfolio company benchmarking
Portfolio company monitoring
Exit or realization strategies

Financial Analyst Access and Briefings

Direct access to financial analysts monitoring the markets fosters interactive relationships
Continually updated research presented on a regular basis ensures the relevance and value
Maximize analyst contact and touch
Frequent public and private analyst briefings
Global analysts provide "on the ground" support

Trend Identification

Identification of growth areas
Sector themes and investment ideas
Identification of the best ways to play emerging trends
Investment strategy based on trend analysis