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Frost & Sullivan is proud to be partnering with leading trade associations and best-in-class event organizers for the Business and Financial Services Industry. Our regional teams support your marketing activities with the latest market research, bring your delegates up-to-date by presenting the latest industry developments and take pride in promoting your conference or association with our clients.

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RHT ASEAN Summit 2019

RHT ASEAN Summit 2019 | 17th October 2019 | 9am – 6pm
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

RHTLaw Taylor Wessing, in collaboration with RHT Academy, will be hosting our 5th RHT ASEAN Summit, on 17th October 2019 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. With global trade tensions showing no signs of abatement, the uncertainty has begun to affect business and trade activities. With this understanding, we bring you the timely RHT ASEAN Summit 2019, centred on the theme of “ASEAN, China and the Trade War: Capitalising on Opportunities”.

RHT ASEAN Summit 2019 aims to provide participants with in – depth business insights, investment highlights, balancing short – term gains against long – term opportunities, as well as guidance in navigating the complex risk landscape across ASEAN countries during this tumultuous period.

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Prepare Your Business for the Workplace of 2025: Top Trends Impacting Latin America

As the way we work evolves, Latin American companies fear becoming irrelevant to new top talent with higher expectations regarding its workspace and technological tools. Millennials and Gen Zers are expected to account for 70% of the total workforce by 2025, and this poses several challenges and opportunities for companies that want to stay ahead of the game and attain higher levels of productivity and collaboration.

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Zoom’s Growing Ambitions in the Business Communications Market

Since the launch of its first product, Zoom has morphed considerably from a cloud video conferencing provider to its current, fast growing focus on end-to-end enterprise communications. Zoom’s strategy of building a strong, well-functioning core, i.e. its wildly successful video meetings business, and using it as a base to expand into many adjacencies is playing out well.

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