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Frost & Sullivan's global commercial vehicle program provides clarity in strategic decision making opportunities related to global commercial vehicle technologies, econometrics, applications, and the respective markets.

The program works closely with leading global OEMS, Tier I suppliers, governments, regulators, and financial industry participants among other industry stakeholder groups, to provide our client with prescriptive research and advisory services.

Our global team leverage extensive expertise and market knowledge to deliver mission critical and actionable research and advisory strategies to drive change & accelerate growth.

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Meet the Team

Sandeep_65.jpgSandeep Kar

Global Head of Research

Pietro_65.jpgPietro Boggia

Principal consultant

Gopal_65.jpgGopal R

Global Vice President, Transportation & Logistics Practice

Shyam_65.jpgShyam Raman

Research Analyst

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan's expertise in commercial vehicle, transport, logistics, rail research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas.

Market Entry Strategies and Growth Acceleration

Market.pngDefine and develop growth opportunities in each and every major commercial vehicle market globally.

New Technology/Product Innovation & Development

Technology.pngMission-critical analysis for technologies, products and serviced and market opportunities within these different areas.

Business Model Development

businessmodel.pngLeverage our vast experience to develop robust and sustainable business models and recalibrate legacy models that embrace and accelerate growth.

Grow Revenue Streams

revenue.pngWe apply extensive global and regional knowledge, market awareness and experience to understanding your needs.

Voice of Customer Research

eco.jpgInsightful Industry focused end-user studies for key areas.


connectivity.pngUnderstanding the implications of new technologies to companies and the market.


safety.pngLeveraging developments within chassis, lighting and design and implementation of these into new business models.

Retailing and Financing

retailing.pngSales maximization strategies, leasing, eRetailing, and developing effective and successful retailing solutions.

360 degree Research

360.pngView of commercial vehicle market growth opportunities.

Comparative and Competitive Benchmarking

comparitive.pngSize and analyze your market and competitors’ using our “bottom-up” research methodology to gain solid understanding of your playing field and your competitors’ capabilities.


Current Research

Frost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

Our deep and comprehensive expertise encompasses all commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, off-highway vehicles, rail, shipping, and all areas of logistics. Our global research analysts track, monitor, forecast, and analyze technologies and their markets opportunities, and issues of strategic relevance to support our clients.

Mobility: Automotive & Transportation Analyst Briefings

Commercial Vehicles, Industry Research, Global

2017 Outlook of Global MD and HD Trucks Market

2017 will be a year like no other in global commercial vehicle industry. Product as a service will dominate industry narrative as proliferation of electronics and connected truck technologies create new logistics business models. Moreover, concerns on global economic and geopolitical stability along…

Global HD Defense Trucks Market Trends, Forecasted to 2025

Escalating conflicts, heightening tensions, and increasing polarization are spurring the growth of defense budgets across the globe. Civil conflicts from within and terrorism are driving defense vehicle procurement. While procurement is expected to vary by region, Africa, APAC, and the Middle East…

Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2017

The study aims to analyze and forecast the global connected truck (commercial vehicle telematics) market outlook for 2017. The major focus is on market trends and transformational shifts (truck digitization; Tier I progression from a product to a truck services provider; aftermarket technology…

Turkish Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Market, 2012 2021

This research service presents a detailed analysis of the truck market in Turkey and focuses on medium and heavy duty truck segments. This study assesses the market from 2012 to 2021. The market has been segmented by tonnage and axle type, and covers the key models, average product-price range, and…

Start-ups Disrupting Global Connected Truck Market, 2016 2017

This research service aims at identifying, analyzing, and profiling start-ups disrupting the Global Connected Truck Market. The major markets considered for analysis include Fleet Management Solutions, Digital Freight Brokering, Video Safety, and Autonomous Trucks. From the initially identified…

Uzbekistan Automotive Market, Forecast to 2020

The study aims to research, analyze, and forecast the automotive market in Uzbekistan according to 3 segments: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and buses and minibuses.Research Scope Macroeconomic figures and market trends (social, political, economic, and technological trends influencing…

Frost Perspective: 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Highlighting Electric, Autonomous, and Connected Vehicle Innovations

The annual Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the biggest automotive events in North America. This year, automakers showcased several new crossover and SUV models aimed at satisfying increasing customer demand for such body styles.

Frost Perspective: Trump s Impact on Trucking Local Effect, Global Implications

After Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of United States in January, the global commercial vehicle industry will be watching his policy decisions over the first 100 days of his term and thereafter with great attention.

North American Medium-Heavy Duty Natural Gas Truck and Bus Market, Forecast to 2025

Development of the natural gas market across North America is set to grow due to the shale gas revolution, abundance of LNG, and stricter emission and noise regulations expected in the near future. Furthermore, growth of fuelling infrastructure and increased government incentives across major US…

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Steering System Market in North America, 2015 2022

The commercial vehicle market has a traditional business model that has resisted change for many years. However, technological advances such as advanced/active steering systems are changing market dynamics and increasing the cost of new trucks. Fleet managers have emphasized that they are not…

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Transportation and Logistics, Industry Research, Global

Thailand Logistics Industry Executive Analysis

Thailand always enjoyed a robust economy until the political crisis during 2013 2014. During this time, the economy was badly hit and resulted in negative growth. A lot of investments and expansion in the industrial sector were put on hold due to the uncertainty of the economy. The crisis also…

Malaysia Logistics Industry Executive Analysis

This research service discusses Malaysia s logistics industry landscape between 2014 and 2020. The objectives are to identify and understand the logistics industry dynamics in terms of strategic location, the transport and storage sub-sector, and logistics services. The connectivity, capacity, and…

Digitising Freight one truck at a time

Logistics, quite simple as the definition "the commercial activity of transporting goods from one place to another" may sound, is an extremely complex industry.

An Insight on Use of Drones in Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020

Logistics service providers are exploring new delivery methods to increase their operational efficiency due to the integration of E-commerce and logistics services. Drone technology provides the best option for logistics service providers to tackle supply chain problems, which usually involve…

Digital Transformations in the Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020

Technological changes have led to the convergence of industries and the transformation of the business processes related to supply chain management. The need to improve logistics efficiency is being driven by the modernization of transportation infrastructure, changing consumer purchase patterns,…

Logistics Industry in Iran, Forecast to 2020

Revival of economic growth is expected as phasing out of restrictions improves investor confidence, leading to consistent growth of the logistics industry from 2017. This industry is expected to benefit from investments related to the Iran s Sixth Development Plan, which is likely to accelerate…

Executive Analysis of North American Connected Truck Dashboard

This research study serves as an industry handbook for fleet management system (FMS) vendors. It provides a market overview covering vehicles in operation, sales and production volume, average annual miles driven by vehicle type, total cost of operation, production/assembly plants, and telematics…

Strategic Analysis of the Global e-Hailing Market

This research service offers an in-depth analysis of the current e-Hailing market and discusses the 2025 outlook. It delves into evolving business models, market consolidations and partnerships, regulatory reforms being undertaken by authorities, and advanced technology trends. The study also…

Strategic Insight Into the European e-Hailing Market

This market insight offers an in-depth analysis of the current e-Hailing market and discusses the 2025 outlook. It delves into evolving business models, market consolidations and partnerships, regulatory reforms being undertaken by authorities, and advanced technology trends. The insight also…

Lytx, World Leader in Video Telematics, Venturing Beyond Trucks with the Launch of Unisyn , Offering Video Solutions for Real-time Fleet Field Operations

Lytx, the world leader in video telematics, has announced the launch of a new modular platform for video telematics, christened Unisyn. The offering provides an expansion of the services from its core driver coaching- and event-based video logging competencies to fleet field operations.

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Growth Consulting

growthstrategy-small.jpgWe help our clients understand the implications of mobility trends to their current product and service portfolio and develop and implement growth opportunities for them. We have worked with car companies, transport network providers, mayors of cities, transport planners, tier 1 suppliers, leasing and rental companies, corporate mobility service providers and new technology pioneers to help them evaluate and pioneer new product and service solutions using disruptive business models.

We do this through tailored and customised consulting work and strategy workshops. Projects typically involve several phases from discovery, inform, evaluate, analyse, develop and implement a business plan and growth strategy.  We use our research and industry experience coupled with well defined tools and techniques, tailored and developed by Frost & Sullivan, to manage and deliver these projects. We specialise in running growth workshops with our clients which help us take a cross functional team of our client, within span of a day from information to implementation.

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Commercial Vehicle Research team can support your organization on each of the following areas.
  • Market Entry Strategies and Growth Acceleration: Define and develop growth opportunities in all major commercial vehicle markets.
  • New Technology/ Product Innovation & Development: Our cutting-edge technology and product focused research enables us to deliver critical analysis of market opportunities accorded by innovations.
  • Business Model Development: Support in creating robust and sustainable business to embrace and accelerate growth.
  • Globalizing Business and Revenue Streams: Amalgamating global and tailored regional thought leadership experience to support businesses with internal growth and alignment, and gaining market share opportunities.
  • Voice of Customer Research: Industry focused end-user studies & growth strategies to grow future product/service portfolios.
  • New Revenue Streams: Leveraging soft technologies such as connectivity, safety, big data, and analytics to strengthen your business.
  • Retailing and Financing: Analysis of dealership sales maximization strategies, leasing and financing business models, e-retailing and digital retailing solutions
  • Comparative and Competitive Benchmarking: Enabling clients to obtain a competitive edge within their market by analysing competitors, market and product/service developments.
Advisory services projects include:
  • Develop global CV OEM European and Latin American market entry strategy.
  • Identifying and facilitating partnership in India for a global leader in defense systems to enter and grow in the Indian commercial vehicle axles market.
  • Analyzing product demand for one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers for sustainable growth in the Chinese truck market.
  • Supporting one of the world’s largest industrial conglomerates (Fortune 10 company) by enhancing its competitive market edge in the wake of a major competitor’s entrance into the Latin American territory
  • Analyzing the white spots and opportunity areas in heavy-duty truck turbocharger markets in India, China, and Western Europe for a leading global Tier I supplier.
  • Benchmarking diesel engines featuring select parameters for on- and off-highway engines offered in North America and Europe for a leading global engine maker
  • Enabling a major Japanese off-highway equipment manufacturer to understanding the applicability and demand potential of a new and innovative robotic system for construction applications.
  • Conducting a strategic market evaluation of the conformity assessment market in the European rail industry for a government rail infrastructure manager.
  • Evaluating market potential and advising strategies to enter the North American automated fare collection market for the one of the world’s largest electronics and electrical systems companies
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Workshops and key note speeches

Our industry thought leaders have vast experience in developing and conducting strategic workshops with C-suite executives, board members, and senior leaders encompassing an impressive range of  market participant groups.

Engage with our globally recognised analysts and consultants to align your company’s focus and activities.  We can work with you to identify and prescribe growth strategies elevate your growth trajectory, and benefit from advanced technologies, optimise emerging trends and business model influencers, and gain competitive advantage.

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We have been very impressed by Frost & Sullivan. The team showed deep knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry and the international business development environment, the focus of our company. They have literally read our minds and after recommending a strategy that leverages our capabilities to solve market needs, they delivered a business plan that perfectly brings our vision to concrete, clear goals and actions.


“Frost & Sullivan's team helped us in considering current and future mobility trends, their impact to the UK, and future growth potential. This has assisted us in defining the scale of issues in the UK for the next 10 years, as well as playing a role in the "Innovative Mobility". Their detailed insight has been utilized by my team both internally and externally, and I would not hesitate in considering them for future mobility related assignments” Lead on Integrated Transport

IM, Rail & Marine, Technology Strategy Board

Cummins Inc has incorporated Automotive and Transportation studies from Frost & Sullivan since 2008 and rely on their studies as a cornerstones of industry understanding. Access to the high quality and broad scope of commercial vehicle research conducted by Frost & Sullivan is a tremendous asset to any research portfolio. It serves as a solid basis from which to develop further work and is shared widely throughout our entire company. Sandeep Kar and his team are very responsive to our needs and are proactive in their consideration of Cummins research needs.

Mary Broihier, Engine Business Market Research Manager, Cummins Inc.

Nicolas, Shyam,
Thank you very much for these final deliverables, I have been very pleased with the product and your approach to achieving them.
And please be assured, we are already using the tool!
I am sure there will be opportunities to do more business with you in the future.

James Collinson, Managing Director, Network Certification Body

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