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strategy_206.jpgFrost & Sullivan's Business Strategy and Innovation program is designed to mirror a corporate strategy division within any fortune 500 company. This program supports our clients' corporate and business strategy groups with strategic advice and implementation support covering mergers and acquisitions analysis, new market entry support, competitive analysis for best practices bench-marking, and market due diligence or vendor due diligence support including additional operational analysis type assignments such as cost analysis of current as well as future/upcoming technologies, vehicle platforms and engineering and product development process bench-marking.

The following list covers some of the key areas supported by this program:
  1. Competitive benchmarking assessment for best practices in R&D, product development, technology and product planning, manufacturing, and other supply chain functions essential to an OEM or Tier I supplier globally
  2. Cost analysis of new vehicle platforms, assessment of new segmentation strategies to track the influence of developing as well as emerging markets, and retail strategies on vehicle and part supply networks
  3. Commercial or vendor due diligence support for major conglomerate groups, private equity firms and investment banks on buy-side and sell-side due diligence by analysing the market dynamics and the target customer, includes conducting scenario analysis and assessing the competitive landscape
  4. New Market entry analysis and more recently supporting global automotive passenger vehicle and commerical vehicle OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers enter emerging markets in Africa, LATAM, Asia, Iran and the "Stan" and "Jhan" countries.
  5. Product conceptualization, testing for launch of new vehicles or technologies in future models years of passenger vehicles.

Meet the Team

Sarwant_Singh_65.jpgSarwant Singh

Senior Partner, Head of Automotive & Transportation & Visionary Innovation Group

merlotti.jpgRobert Merlotti

Senior Vice President

kaul.jpgVeerender Kaul

Vice President

daniel.jpgBenny Daniel

Vice President

mubarak.jpgMohamed Mubarak

Head of Emerging Markets

VishwasShankar.pngVishwas Shankar

Research Manager

lynne_goulding.jpgLynne Goulding

Principal Consultant

The program covers wide variety of research topics ranging from futuristic themes such as future of flying cars, industrial internet of things (IIoT), future health and wellness products and technologies to even more near term such as future of retailing, global city truck market to even more current topics such as top 30 suppliers and/or technologies, what women customers want. The program is also responsible for more strategic topics such as global automotive outlook study, regional outlooks for the upcoming year. The program also has emerging market specialists that are stationed in major regional markets who do detailed analysis of the opportunities in the countries over and beyond BRIC nations.

The team has been in the forefront of covering some hot industry topics like Platform strategies, light weighting, R&D Benchmarking, OEM Profiling, Outlook on key themes (self-learning cars, luxury, super luxury, health wellness, women customers, retailing, lightweighting to name a few)

Some of the key topics that the team has recently covered include:

Future trends studies: Combined with the Visionary Innovation Group (VIG) within the company, the team is in the forefront of developing future trends studies and has authored several studies like Mega trends and the opportunities for the Automotive industry, Women in cars, Health Wellness and Well-being, automotive artificial intelligence, Fintech in Automotive, Biometrics in Automotive to name a few.

Industry-wide Trends: Global trends such as (but not limited to) the growth of the luxury and super luxury vehicle segment, success of the subcompact and global CUV/SUVs, new emerging themes with future body styling, cockpit and cabin strategies, and future of used cars in key global markets.

New Market Entry and Development Strategy in Emerging Markets: Identification and analysis of market opportunities in the next frontier, i.e., emerging markets such as those in the ASEAN region, Stan and Jan countries, and the Africa contingent, Iran, Mexico.

Sourcing and Supply Chain: Mapping and analysis of the automotive supply chain; providing insights into innovative sourcing strategies in the supply chain and their effect on the automotive industry. Mapping key global OEMs and suppliers tier-ed sourcing strategies and creating heat maps for better understanding of global hot spots.

Technology and Engineering: Analysis of strategies important to key global OEMs such as light weighting,  3-D Printing, new material strategies, platform strategies, battery/Lithium strategies, and future product portfolio/variant/fleet mix. Including their roadmaps and assessment of innovation index.

Automotive Companies profiling: The program does strategic and detailed profiling of traditional automotive OEMs, new entrants, disruptors, and even suppliers for their corporate, R&D, sales and marketing, product and technology portfolio, manufacturing, purchasing and supply chain strategy to understand their end game. These profiles are often packaged with war gaming or scenario planning workshops.

Auto Show / Key Shows (CES, SEMA) Analysis: The program reports with pre-show expectations report, and also complements it with live autoshow video broadcasts, creates a detailed analysis post the shows, and also public and private briefings to OEMs and suppliers both at the show and off the show.

Other issue based topics: The program covers around themes centric/specific to certain countries/OEM with a far reaching impact. E.g. BREXIT, Dieselgate Scandal, NAFTA Policy, CAFE Compliance, CO2 Emissions.

Mobility: Automotive & Transportation Analyst Briefings

Selective Profile of Customer Choices in Vehicle Purchasing by Gender, NA and EU, Forecast to 2020

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) always strive to provide customers with the features they seek in a new car. However, this becomes complicated when female and male buyers have different vehicle choices. By conducting a survey on customer preferences for new vehicles, OEMs can design vehicles…

2017 European Fleet Managers Desirability and Willingness to Pay for Fleet Management Solutions France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Poland

The main objective of this study is to investigate typical attitude towards fleet telematics (fleet management system solutions), understand key features and service expectations, explore perceptions and willingness to pay for fleet telematics services, examine vendor satisfaction and brand…

growthstrategy-small.jpgWe help our clients; both OEMs and vendors, better understand the macro to micro implications. We also present existing white space opportunities to help optimize and provide an overall sense of direction for the clients’ current and future positioning with respect to group, brand, segment, vehicles, and even technology-based strategies. We develop and implement growth opportunities for resources focused on such niche topics to help clients evaluate and thereby provide tailored solutions along every step of the collaboration process.

Often, our customized consulting work, strategic workshops, and our other strategic deliverables are phased by several workstreams intended to provide continuous monitoring and constant updating of projects before concluding with the implementation of business plans and growth strategies. We use our vast research and industry experience to adequately support inhouse tools and techniques to manage project expectations. On truly global projects, we offer analyst support from every economic region under study, which ensures the project’s success. The true nature of cross-functional team expertise is visible during growth workshop sessions where analysts/consultants perform live face-to-face project briefings preceded by working days with the client personnel to manage expectations.

Often on strategic projects that involve implementation support, our BSIG team’s consultants join hands with our Growth Implementation Services division to help implement the vision and support in transformation consulting.

Frost & Sullivan Mobility team can support your organisation on each of the following areas:
  • Developing your internationalisation strategy and entering new growth regional markets
  • Mergers and acquisitions support including market and vendor due diligence for financial industry
  • Customer Analysis: “Voice of customer” assignments focusing on your customers current and future needs
  • Benchmarking you against your competitors across functions in R&D, Product development, Design and engineering, sales and marketing and logistics and supply chain
  • Supporting  Tier 1 suppliers to understand  OEMs acceptance of new technologies and creating businesss cases including cost benefit analysis
  • Evaluating sourcing strategies of major OEMs including evaluating their cost value drivers for new technology acceptance
Advisory services projects:
  • Supporting a leading Japanese client in Analysis of OEM’s Global Vehicle Platform Strategies With Detailed Analysis and Benchmarking of key Global European OEMs
  • Helping a North American client understand Purchasing Process and Sourcing Criteria of Automotive OEMs for Seats
  • Benchmarking Luxury vehicles with a focus on systems and technologies
  • Supporting a Japanese client in understanding European Automotive Suppliers Technology Innovation
  • Creating a business case for a European client on the Global Taxi Market
  • Developing a deep dive analysis on Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Acquisition in key global organizations for a Japanese client
  • Synthesizing, via a comparative analysis, the product development process of Key Global OEMs for a Japanese client

Frost & Sullivan can deliver a bespoke workshop to your organization designed to highlight the various business opportunities defined by organizational strategies and to identify the white space opportunities defined by the innovation that exists within as a way to determine the impact on your organization. This model is flexible around your needs. We can attend your strategy day or workshop as an external expert keynote speaker, offering complete facilitation of a workshop to ensure your delegates are fully engaged with business intelligence and its relevance to their department/team. Comprehensive written follow-up reports and actionable strategies are provided thereafter. We have presented our workshops to leading providers across the entire automotive spectrum including passenger car OEMs and commercial vehicle OEMs as well as their vendors (available on request).

The BSIG team can tailor workshops around either long term future trends, macro to micro workshops or facilitate a tailored strategic market entry or market due diligence type workshop. The team is also well equipped to offer war gaming workshops for analysing competitive behaviours. Workshops can be one to 3 days and are facilitated by trained and experienced facilitators.

We have been very impressed by Frost & Sullivan. The team showed deep knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry and the international business development environment, the focus of our company. They have literally read our minds and after recommending a strategy that leverages our capabilities to solve market needs, they delivered a business plan that perfectly brings our vision to concrete, clear goals and actions.


Frost & Sullivan’s team helped us in considering current and future mobility trends, their impact to the UK, and future growth potential...Their detailed insight has been utilised by my team both internally and externally, and I would not hesitate in considering them for future mobility related assignments

IM, Rail & Marine, and Technology Strategy Board

Frost & Sullivan facilitated a Mega Trend, "macro to micro" workshop with the corporate strategy group of SMMT which comprises some of the most senior executives of vehicle manufacturers suppliers in UK. The feedback from all participants was terrific and they were particularly impressed by both the scope and depth of Frost & Sullivan's knowledge. We will be working with Frost & Sullivan further to implement some of the new initiatives identified.


Frost & Sullivan’s team were a pleasure to work with and exceeded the already high expectations we had for this project. It’s very refreshing to work with a high group that not only 'get' your business model but are able to challenge intelligently and help crystallise your thinking...we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again

Frost & Sullivan's unrivalled research, consulting, and network positions Frost & Sullivan as a leading authority on Mobility, able to support on you on several assignments.

Expertise Areas

The four key groups within this program area are:

Industry-wide Trends

industrytrends.pngGlobal trends such as (but not limited to) the growth of the luxury vehicle segment, success of the C and the SUV segments, demand for low cost cars, and micro mobility trends.

New Market Entry and Development Strategy in Emerging Markets

marketstrategy.pngIdentification and analysis of market opportunities in the next frontier, i.e., emerging markets such as those in the ASEAN region, Stan and Jan countries, and the Africa contingent

Sourcing and Supply Chain

supplychain.pngMapping and analysis of the automotive supply chain; providing insights into innovative sourcing strategies in the supply chain and their effect on the automotive industry

Technology and Engineering

techengineering.pngAnalysis of strategies important to key global OEMs such as light weighting and platform strategies