Safe Cities: Digital Transformation and its Impact on Collaboration, Communication and Response

International, national and local policy all influence city safety. Technology is a key enabler but it evolves quickly. Safe City is an extension of a Smart City – connection of sensors and systems which will enable more efficient operations. Collaboration, Connectivity and Automation will continue to be key themes for the next 5 years.The growth of internet enabled devices will transform policing operations as devices grow. Technology adoption is showing early returns but challenges remain from transitioning from legacy IT systems to next generation IT and communication.

How do we measure Safe? How do we improve Safety? What is IoT in the context of Public Safety? View in our presentation on Safe Cities.

The Safe City presentation was delivered during keynote speach by Frost & Sullivan's Vice President, Aerospace, Defence & Security, Steven Webb at Milipol Paris 2015, one of the largest security events in Europe.


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