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New investments across the space industry value chain have resulted in an exponential expansion of the ecosystem. This has been accompanied by more affordable commercial access to space, changing manufacturing philosophies, the inclusion of IoT architecture, and more cost-effective downstream solutions. 

The space industry at both ends of the spectrum—market participants and target customers—is growing rapidly. Participants are developing new capabilities that meet evolving customer requirements. High Throughput Satellites are carrying more capacity than previous generation satellites, and small-satellites are becoming more efficient with the use of miniaturized and advanced subsystems.

Currently, however, the industry lacks the capacity to support the soaring demand from new commercial players for more space systems, components, launch services, and operations.  This has resulted in a cascading effect on the space launch industry, in terms of the demand for both larger and smaller launch capabilities.

Owing to such disruptions, new commercial business models are looking to deliver comparable and, in some cases, unique solutions at prices much lower than previously available. This poses a threat to incumbents who are slow to innovate.

Frost & Sullivan has evolved its space research program to align with these rapidly changing stakeholder expectations and technology trends. Our research offers actionable, value-added insights with the objective of enabling both existing suppliers and new entrants to drive growth and innovation. Areas covered include current and forthcoming constellations, launch services, and downstream services. Our team of dedicated research analysts provides perspectives on current and potential market size, the evolving supplier ecosystem, and also key threats and opportunities.

The space program has a dedicated focus on small-satellites, LEO/GEO/MEO satellite markets covering geospatial and communication services along with launch services and the space industry value chain assessment. The program covers the industry from end to end with a focus on incumbents and start-ups including the defense and deep space markets.

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We support our clients in understanding the space market, and relevant growth opportunity areas. Our industry experts also help with key financial and operational decision-making across a wide range of segments.

We work with government agencies as well as commercial players—both incumbents and new entrants—including manufacturers, system suppliers, component suppliers, and service providers to identify and leverage growth and innovation opportunities.

We engage with clients through customized consulting projects and strategy workshops. Our consulting projects cover an extensive ambit, including opportunity assessments for current as well as evolving technologies and services. We provide clients with strategic insights into their total addressable market opportunity while helping them assess relevant available demand. The objective here is to help clients optimize their resource allocation, decision-making, and competitive positioning.

Our strong industry experience, and proprietary tools and methodologies developed exclusively for participants of the space industry, offer clients value-added, results-driven outcomes.

Frost & Sullivan’s Space Research Program can support your organization in each of the following areas:

  • Opportunity assessment for new technologies, products and services
  • Estimation of real demand and key customer requirements for different products and services
  • Continuous tracking of space markets, including new players, products and services (small-satellites/LEO launch services)
  • Evaluation of opportunities for space applications across existing and emerging non-space industry verticals (M2M/IoT)
  • Support in development of go-to-market strategy through product, pricing, and competitive analysis for hardware, software, and services
  • Insights into growth opportunities like mega-constellations, launch services, and spaceport business models
  • High value, domain expertise to help investors scrutinize investment decisions
  • Space industry and policy formulation and benchmarking 

Frost & Sullivan's Space Research Team offers customized workshops that highlight emerging trends and their impact on your organization. Our workshops are highly flexible: team members can either be external expert speakers at day long workshops organized by your company or we can undertake full facilitation of the workshop to ensure your delegates are engaged with opportunities relevant to their respective areas of operation. Included as part of the workshop services are follow-up reports and actionable strategies that empower clients across their growth cycle, from ideation to implementation.

Meet the Team

Michael Blades
Vice President , ADS
Vivek Suresh Prasad
Industry Principal, Space
Kamalanathan Kaspar
Senior Industry Analyst, Space

Expertise Areas

Frost & Sullivan's expertise in space research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:  


door.jpgA fast growing segment of the space industry with multiple new players attracting new customers with innovative products and services. Disruptive applications and business models dominate this segment.

Satellite Manufacturing

Conventional customized standalone manufacturing is evolving into serial production format with the rise of standardized platforms and all-electric platforms. Specialist payloads and hosted payload opportunities are enabling stronger collaboration among operators and manufacturers.

Broadcast & Broadband (GEO/MEO/LEO Communications)

High throughput satellites are enabling new business models across commercial and military markets, covering multiple networks specializing in next-gen seamless connectivity and broadcasting services. Increasing investments by operators in downstream infrastructure are opening up multiple options for downstream service providers to expand coverage and deliver diverse services.

Geospatial Services

door.jpgThe rise in imagery based analytics services is providing actionable intelligence with which to enhance operations across multiple industry sectors. The entry of cost-effective, more affordable satellite imagery into the market has resulted in the growth of new products for new customer groups.


With government agencies keen on securing their fishing economies, and commercial stakeholders interested in reducing costs, integrated maritime domain awareness solutions are fast evolving. These integrated solutions use big data capabilities to deliver next-gen detection and tracking services to diverse customer groups.

Military Space

The need for forward-looking detection and tracking capabilities is increasing as a result of upgrades to missile defense capabilities. The resultant evolution of space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities is using proprietary and commercial space services to address this need.

Launch Services & Spaceports

With the entry of multiple small-satellite operators, the need for dedicated launch services for small- satellites is growing rapidly. Government investments focussed on spaceport-based business models are looking to disrupt the market which is experiencing the entry of extra-large and extra-small launch capabilities.