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Research into unmanned systems is critical for understanding how industries and markets—military, civil, and commercial—can use autonomous vehicles and drones to grow and become more efficient. Our team of experts continuously tracks, identifies, and assesses the opportunities and challenges created as a result of converging industries, technology led solutions, regulatory requirements/changes, and competitive pressures.

Frost & Sullivan’s research into the unmanned systems market focuses on the transformative impact of unmanned systems on the day-to-day operations of military, civil, and commercial spheres. Research areas include platforms, sensors, and drone services. Ancillary markets that support unmanned/autonomous vehicles, such as the counter drone market that has sprung out of the proliferation of consumer drones, are also monitored.

Our experts provide insightful analysis into major market trends, game changing growth opportunities, new business models, and innovative competitive strategies. Our deep-dive intelligence is aimed at helping clients take effective business decisions and develop successful long-term strategies.

Meet the Team

Alix Leboulanger
Senior Industry Analyst

Frost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

We help our clients navigate both the tactical and strategic imperatives essential to grow their business. From meticulously designed surveys and primary research interviews to in-depth analysis of current and future market trends, we support clients in the development and implementation of growth strategies.

We work with drone manufacturers (in all domains), sensor providers, services companies, software developers, regulators, and technology disruptors to help them understand, evaluate, and develop new products and growth solutions using new paradigms and innovative business models.

We engage with clients through customized consulting projects and strategy workshops. Projects typically involve several phases, from identifying and analysing to developing and implementing business plans and growth strategies.  We use our research and industry experience, backed by well-defined tools and techniques, to ensure end-to-end management and delivery of these projects.

Frost & Sullivan’s Unmanned Systems Research Program can support your organization in each of the following areas:

  • Development, feasibility analysis, and implementation of New Capabilities or Technologies that could drive the various unmanned systems ecosystems
  • Benchmarking, Development, and Adoption Scenarios for New Business Models
  • Competitive Intelligence to identify and evaluate which companies are competing in market niches and which have the best products and/or capabilities
  • Evaluation of the risks and rewards of developing an internal drone capability vs utilizing third party services
  • Identification of Go-to-Market Strategies through product, pricing, and competitive analysis for hardware, software, and services
  • Assessment of growth opportunities like multi-drone operations and manned-unmanned teaming
  • Support venture capital firms interested in investing in the unmanned systems space with practical, high impact research

Frost & Sullivan's Unmanned Systems Research Team offers customized workshops that highlight emerging trends and their impact on your organization. Our workshops are highly flexible:  team members can either be external expert speakers at day long workshops organized by your company or we can undertake full facilitation of the workshop to ensure your delegates are engaged with opportunities relevant to their area of operation.  Included as part of our workshop services are follow-up reports and actionable strategies that empower clients throughout their growth cycles, from ideation to implementation.

Expertise Areas

Our research team is recognized for its in-depth analysis of the underlying drivers, restraints, and significant trends that define these markets:       

Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Hardware

Platform and sensor manufacturers are continuously developing increased capabilities at lower prices. What are the ongoing technological advances in hardware and how will they impact market participants? Which hardware advances will be game-changers?

Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Software

Software is essential to collecting, distributing, storing, and processing the data collected by autonomous vehicles. It is the machine that drives the unmanned ecosystem. How are software systems changing to meet evolving demands? What unmet requirements should software developers target?

Drone Services Providers

Companies that provide B2B drone services to firms that either do not want internal drone capabilities or only need services on a periodic basis. What new capabilities can drone services providers tap into? What are some of the emerging markets for drone services?

Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Systems that detect, identify, track and, in some cases, mitigate nefarious or irresponsible drone operations. This market has grown out of the proliferation of inexpensive, consumer-grade drones. What are the adjunct industries where counter UAS can be deployed? How can their capabilities be developed to broaden their application scope?