Aerospace & Defense N


Future of Airline & Airports

Customer requirements have of course changed, as has the competitive environment as new technology firms enter the market looking to change the status quo.

Future Of Converged Security

Future of Converged Security

High-value research expertise and capabilities across physical, cyber, and identity security markets.  With reach across numerous vertical markets and technology solutions, our Converged Security 

Future of Space

In-depth and wide ranging global coverage of established Low Earth Orbit (LEO)/ Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)/Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO)  satellite markets and fast growing small-satellite market. 

Future of Aerospace

High-level analysis of impact, transformation and growth opportunities generated by new aerospace technologies for aircraft integrators and tier 1, 2 and 3 airframe OEMs and suppliers. Strategic evaluation of the market potential of new products and services across Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket segments.

Future of Unmanned Systems

Deep-dive research into the impact of autonomous and semi-autonomous air, land, and sea vehicles on military, civil, and commercial markets.