New webinar examines the different types of future vehicle platforms driving growth opportunities

London, 10 June 2019 — Consumers’ mode of engagement with the automotive industry is set to change drastically with higher penetration of automated features, emergence of new forms of mobility, and access vehicles. The industry is set to migrate from a traditional product-centric, per-car business model to a service-centric, per-mile model.

A new interactive webinar, “Mobility Autonomous Platforms: What You Need to Know Now to Prepare for the Future”, taking place on Thursday, 13 June 2019, at 11:00 EDT/16:00 BST, aims to shine a light on how new technologies in cloud computing, sensitisation and vehicle electronics tie into the future digital value chain of the automotive industry and how to leverage innovation for future success.

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While technology development poses the biggest hurdle today, along with a lack of robust regulatory framework, soon the need to understand consumer demand and the use of data for generating revenues will be the key challenge to address for OEMs.

“This transformation in the industry is set to open up new revenue opportunities for industry players as they diversify into new mobility modes and other service-related revenue streams,” said Benny Daniel, Mobility Business Unit Leader, North America, at Frost & Sullivan.

To be successful in the future, OEMs will need to focus on developing flexible, autonomous platforms capable of providing multiple vehicle types for specific use cases.

“Many lower-level automation use cases, especially up to level 2.5 and 3, can be achieved by current vehicle platforms. But if OEMs want to scale these features to L4 use cases, the cost investments into modifying the current platforms will need to be repeated as these cannot sustain the higher fidelity required for level 4 and beyond. This is why the decision of tipping investment into new platforms will need to be considered based on the scale planned for each level of automation, ” added Arun Nandakumar, Chassis, Safety & Autonomous Driving Systems Team Lead at Frost & Sullivan.

Key benefits of attending this live briefing:

• Identify new possible revenue streams in the autonomous world and learn about best practices in developing autonomous vehicle platforms.
• Discover market opportunities in the autonomous world for technology providers, suppliers and OEMs, and hear about the real-world use cases where automation will be deployed.
• Interact with industry thought leaders and market leaders on the future of the autonomous driving market.
• Find out how OEMs will tackle the technology disruption in autonomous driving development.

This webinar will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at

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