Integra Devices Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for Expanding the Scope of 3D Manufacturing with its Amalga™ Paradigm

Integra’s manufacturing paradigm drives key advancements in the micro sensors and micro devices industries by aiding the production of a range of highly innovative devices at MEMS scale

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — February 27, 2019 — Based on its recent analysis of the North American market opportunities for the manufacture of 3D micro sensors and devices, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Integra Devices with the 2018 North American Technology Innovation Award. Integra’s Amalga™ micro manufacturing paradigm enables the more efficient development of 3D micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS) and micro devices using a wide range of materials and complex assemblies. For instance, it can be used to build microwave micro relays that incorporate multiple materials or micro elements, such as thick traces, magnets, and coils, to achieve a complete 3D device that offers a large stroke, high current handling, and true magnetic latching. Integra’s manufacturing paradigm surmounts the design limitations of conventional MEMS and thin-film semiconductor manufacturing.

Integra-Devices-Award-Logo.jpg“Integra’s technology leverages 3D heterogeneous integration technology used in the microelectronics packaging industry to build each layer of the device separately and then align them to create complex 3D structures,” said Peter Adrian, senior industry analyst, Frost &Sullivan’ Tech Vision Division. “Furthermore, Integra has developed the capability to build micromechanical devices using  post semiconductor manufacturing (PSM). This technology is employed to great effect in the final processes of semiconductor device manufacturing, such as packaging and assembly. The Amalga™ paradigm can accelerate the packaging process to a great extent, as it allows the devices to be built using the packaging materials, and in many instances, the device and package are made at the same time.”

Amalga™ aids the use of a variety of processes and materials; the materials do not need to survive all of the processes because the panel layers can be prepared separately. This non-sequential manufacturing also generates higher yields. The paradigm makes it possible to employ a multitute of materials, such as structural, biocompatible, optical, electronic, and specialty materials, for building innovative MEMS devices. In addition, Integra is highly adept at MEMS-enabling manufacturing processes such as  thin-film processing, micro assembly, machining, laser forming, electroforming, embossing, injection molding, lithography, lamination, and bonding.

Significantly, Integra’s paradigm addresses the rising need for miniaturization of components and sensors following the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G communications. One of its important successes is the fabrication of a tiny magnet for use in electromagnetic  energy harvesters; conventional MEMS processes do not support such efficient manufacturing of micro magnets for energy harvesters. The uniqueness of this paradigm has helped Integra cultivate and address applications and user environments across the spectrum of markets where device minaturization has opportunties to profoundly impact, such as heathcare, aerospace/defense, Internet of things, 5G communications, test and measurement.

“The company’s business model focuses on building high-value, high-margin products for the MEMS industry,” noted Adrian.. “It is well positioned to expand its customer base by productizing new technology developments in micro sensors or micro devices, which is made available to it through an exclusive licensing agreement with regents of the University of California educational system. These strategic partnerships and commitment to innovation are ensuring that Integra continues to grow and thrive in environments that emphasize the application of advanced technologies.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid acceptance in the market. The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.

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About Integra Devices

Integra Devices is a next-generation micro-component company that provides a new breed of micro-devices for high value markets such as telecom, aerospace, manufacturing, and life science. Through a powerful new manufacturing paradigm (Amalga™), Integra has surpassed the limitations of current micro-manufacturing, allowing for the production of products that could not have been built before.

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