Frost & Sullivan Reveals 6 Business and Technology Functions that Can Be Improved with Managed IT Services

October 04, 2017 at 9:46 AM

Frost & Sullivan whitepaper discusses how adopting managed IT services can help businesses achieve digital transformation

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Oct. 4, 2017 - Technology is at the heart of every business. The number of mission-critical systems, platforms and applications within a typical organization continues to grow exponentially, putting increased demands on the information technology professionals who deploy and supports them. This burden is particularly acute in small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) with limited or no IT staff, but it also affects large corporations, whose IT departments must support a diverse set of geographically distributed users. In addition, IT organizations of any size not only have to contend with their deployed technologies, but also understand the local, state and federal regulatory requirements that apply to their particular business and industry.

A new Frost & Sullivan whitepaper, Leveraging Managed IT Services to Modernize IT Support, delves into the fundamental challenges IT organizations are facing today and highlights some of the ways managed IT services can minimize or even negate these common burdens.

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Today’s IT organization is not only responsible for managing workstations, servers and network resources; it is also often tasked with supporting the organization’s business communications needs, such as voice, video and collaboration tools. Furthermore, as a company’s most important assets go digital, IT is often required to design, implement and manage the business’s approach to information security. And regardless of the size of the organization, the IT department is almost always asked to do ever more with an increasingly limited budget and staff. This makes it hard, if not impossible, for them to deploy and leverage technology to support the business’s needs and goals.

“Unfortunately, and to the detriment of the company overall, IT organizations are limited in their strategic role,” says Frost & Sullivan Connected Work Industry Analyst Michael Brandenburg. “Business decisions are often made without any input from in-house technology thought leaders, who ironically are the people best positioned to champion and implement next-generation technology and enable digital transformation.”

At a high level, the mission of IT within an organization, regardless of size or industry, is to deliver the appropriate technology resources to employees, with the ultimate goal of driving business objectives while improving productivity. In service of this goal, the daily work of IT centers on two areas of effort: support services and consultative or strategic services.
“Frost & Sullivan finds that leading-edge organizations are addressing these challenges with the strategic use of managed IT services,” says Brandenburg. “Providers of managed IT services can augment in-house staff, deliver specialized skillsets and automate repetitive or menial IT functions – freeing up IT to focus on more business-critical issues and relieving line-of-business managers from having to worry about technology at all.”

Choosing the right managed service partner – one that closely aligns with the business – can have a profound impact on the IT organization, enabling it to focus on strategic efforts: providing thought leadership, leveraging technical knowledge to improve business workflow and employee productivity, and positively impacting the organization’s future growth.

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