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Frost & Sullivan: Globalny rynek energii słonecznej wciąż rośnie i promienieje

July 29, 2014
Coraz większy nacisk na ograniczenie emisji gazów cieplarnianych oraz innych zanieczyszczeń napędza globalny rynek energii słonecznej. Sprzyjające prawodawstwo oraz potrzeba zwiększenia samowystarczalności energetycznej i bezpieczeństwa energetycznego, to główne czynniki, które wspomogą szybki wzrost rynku energii słonecznej. Mimo iż sprzedaż skoncentrowana jest głównie na obszarze Azji i Pacyfiku, to silny trend wzrostowy można również zauważyć na innych rynkach.

Frost & Sullivan: Plant Health Improvement Agents Enable Growers to Do More with Less

July 29, 2014
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – July 29, 2014 – The plant health improvement agents (PHIA) market, which consists of micronutrients, synthetic fertilizers and plant growth regulators (PGRs), is growing steadily in North America mainly due to demand from the food, biofuel and plant-based chemicals industries. Rising healthcare costs combined with healthier eating trends have resulted in increased demand for high-value niche foods such as proteins, nuts, vitamins and minerals allowing for increased PHIA use in horticulture. The Renewable Fuel Standard and other regulations aimed at reducing carbon footprint through use of biofuels and natural products further support market demand.

A Treatment Revolution is Underway: All-Oral Therapies Transform Global Hepatitis C Antiviral Market

July 29, 2014
Drug development for hepatitis C virus (HCV) antivirals has amplified with rising incidence rates and the intense need for curative therapy in the absence of a preventative vaccine. Change is underway as the market moves away from protease inhibitors and interferon regimens towards highly effective, easily-tolerated, interferon-free oral therapies.

Frost & Sullivan: Critical Communications LTE is a New and Challenging Market Opportunity for Mobile Operators in Europe

July 29, 2014
Critical communications users in Europe, such as emergency services and transportation, are impatient to incorporate mobile broadband data into their daily operations. For the first time, public mobile network operators (MNOs) have the chance to provide mission-critical services to this specialised market segment – if they are willing to meet its demanding requirements.

Frost & Sullivan: Geringe Investitionen in Sicherheitsarchitektur bei Umspannwerken könnte Stromnetz gefährden

July 24, 2014
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, 24. Juli 2014 – Umspannwerke sind die Knotenpunkte innerhalb des deutschen intelligenten Stromnetzes. Neu gebaute Umspannwerke werden zukunftsfest gemacht, um künftigen technologischen und kommunikationskritischen Anforderungen zu genügen. Frost & Sullivan geht hierbei davon aus, dass fehlende Investitionsbereitschaft in eine umfrangreiche Sicherheitsarchitektur die Entwicklung eines stabilen und verlässlichen Stromnetzes in Deutschland gefährdet.

The Promise of Integrated Healthcare: Health Information Systems

July 23, 2014
Given increasing healthcare consumerism and demand for round-the-clock healthcare delivery, hospitals and providers must upgrade their healthcare IT infrastructure to accommodate patient and provider needs. This briefing will investigate the changing technology landscape in hospitals globally and will specifically focus on how hospitals in North America and Europe are adopting health information systems (HIS).

Facilities Management Solutions Save the Environment and Your Budget

July 23, 2014
Implementing strategies for energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings not only lowers operating costs but has clear benefits for the environment. As 39 percent of electricity is generated by coal, a reduction in energy use in commercial and industrial buildings can substantially reduce carbon emissions.

DoD Night Vision Devices Market Falls due to Procurement Program Completions and Budget Cuts

July 23, 2014
Though the night vision device market continues to innovate, budget cuts are stifling research and development (R&D), and procurement of advanced image intensification (I2), infrared (IR)/thermal, and fused night vision technologies. The completion of large procurement programs and only a few significant new start programs will cause the funding for night vision devices to decline by a compound annual growth rate of 8.20 percent between 2013 and 2018.

Frost & Sullivan: Globaler Solarmarkt in kontinuierlichem Aufwärtstrend

July 23, 2014
Frankfurt am Main, 23. Juli 2014 – Der zunehmende Fokus auf die Eindämmung von Kohlenstoffemissionen und anderen Schadstoffen treibt den globalen Markt für Solarenergie an. Faktoren wie eine vorteilhafte Gesetzgebung und die zunehmende Notwendigkeit, Energiesicherheit zu gewährleisten und energieautark zu sein, werden dazu beitragen, dass der globale Solarmarkt schnell wächst. Die größten Absatzmengen werden dabei vor allem im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum erwartet. Aber auch in anderen Märkten der Welt wird es einen deutlichen Aufwärtstrend geben.

LED Fixtures Light Up the Chemical Materials Market Bringing New Manufacturing Opportunities

July 22, 2014
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are rapidly taking the place of older, less durable and energy-efficient lighting technologies around the world. As chemicals and materials are needed at all stages of the LED fixture’s manufacturing process, chemical companies will play a critical role in the future success of the LED industry. The breadth of material requirements means that few market participants have visibility across the entire market, creating the need for a holistic vision of market potential.

Frost & Sullivan: Connected World of the Future Enhances Value Proposition of Smart Building Systems

July 21, 2014
The transition to smart buildings is progressively gaining momentum as a burgeoning global population strains aging infrastructures. Market growth will also be fuelled by greater demand for, and improved affordability of, building level sensors. The evolution towards a connected world will further spur the adoption of smart building systems. Companies that invest early will be best placed to reap rewards in emerging markets, especially as the Internet of Things becomes a reality.

Frost & Sullivan: Upgrades and Procurement of New Units Vary by Region but New Programs Will Generate Revenue Opportunities

July 21, 2014
The global military land vehicles market is gaining momentum. While traditional markets are choosing to upgrade and maintain existing fleets rather than replace aging platforms, other regions are looking to purchase new units. This is providing maintenance and upgrades opportunities as well as export potential that will provide a steady source of revenue for market participants.

Frost & Sullivan: Tablets to Bridge the Gap with Smartphones as More Data-intensive Mobile Applications Migrate over to Tablets

July 21, 2014
The use of smartphones and laptops is widespread among enterprises, with nearly three out of every four organizations issuing corporate-owned laptops (74 percent) and smartphones (71 percent) to their workforces. Tablets, on the other hand, are issued by only half (47 percent) the surveyed enterprises; however, these devices are expected to bridge this gap over the next three years, as many of the more data-intensive mobile applications migrate over to the tablets

Business models, regulations, and technology adoption need to evolve along with changing consumer-viewing habits to abet industry growth, notes Frost & Sullivan

July 18, 2014
Mumbai, India, July 07, 2014 – Frost & Sullivan hosted the third edition of its ‘Digital Media India Summit’ on June 24 at the Le Meridien, Delhi. The summit included over 100 participants from broadcasters, cable, DTH, and telco operators as well as industry bodies and government representatives. The summit addressed key industry trends and issues such as regulatory challenges in the video ecosystem, big picture for Indian television business, benefits and challenges of TV-everywhere, collaborative workflows in multimedia video; and preparing for Phase 3 and Phase 4 of Digitization.

Frost & Sullivan: Die Bedürfnisse der Konsumenten treiben die neue industrielle Revolution voran

July 17, 2014
Frankfurt am Main, 17. Juli 2014 – Die sich laufend verändernden Konsumentenbedürfnisse nehmen maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die Herstellungsprozesse von Gütern weltweit. Dieser Wandel treibt eine neue industrielle Revolution voran, für die sich mittlerweile ein Begriff manifestiert hat: Industrie 4.0 (I4.0).

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