Frost & Sullivan Media and Partner Services

Media & Partner Services

media-partner-services.jpgCompetition is stronger and more intelligent now than ever. Saturated in advertising, content and media, standing out in the crowded news & events environment, while drawing in thought leadership to maintain the attention of key groups and boosting the credibility of your brand is a pivotal challenge.

Frost & Sullivan’s Media and Knowledge Partnership program offers the opportunity to select news outlets, conference organizations and institutions looking to expand and enhance their brand awareness. A partnership with Frost & Sullivan enables you to utilize influential promotional efforts and tools that target a top-level audience of senior executives, across the broadest industry coverage and global expertise in the trade.

The Media and Knowledge Partnership leverages Frost & Sullivan’s industry expertise and third-party credibility in conjunction to the abilities of the two organizations to achieve mutual marketing, sales, branding and positioning goals. The partnership is designed to ensure the highest return on marketing overhead and efforts.  

Grow your visibility and credibility by forming a Strategic Partnership that will deliver significant value by:

  • Providing effective communication resources to enhance your lead generation program
  • Building credibility for your brand through Frost & Sullivan's involvement
  • Positioning your organization as a competitive thought leader in your market
  • Delivering powerful tools to ensure advertising effectiveness
  • Promoting best practices within your industry
  • Informing and educating delegates, sponsors and prospects with dynamic content
  • Strengthening your visibility to key, global audiences, across spanning and overlapping verticals

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