Mobility Experts

Robert Merlotti

Senior Vice President

Key Expertise:

  • M&A
  • Growth strategy
  • Operational improvement and redesign
  • Future of mobility
  • Alternative energy technologies
  • Disruptive technologies

Christoph Domke

Director - Commercial Vehicles 

Key Expertise:

  • Intelligent Mobility Solutions
  • New Business Models
  • Driverless transportation (incl. autonomous driving/truck platooning) 
  • Connected Trucks
  • Telematics
  • Digital Freight Brokerage 
  • Alternative powertrain technologies
  • Platform and product strategies
  • Additive manufacturing
Craig Parker

Programme Manager

Key Expertise:

  • Macro and microeconomic modelling
  • Mobility trends in the future cities of Africa
  • Demand and supply profiling
  • Infrastructure development in Africa
  • Strategy development and enablement
  • Value chain enhancement
  • Future logistics and transportation business models

Franck Leveque

Vice President & Automotive & Transport Business Unit Leader EIA

Key Expertise:

  • Automotive Technology: Telematics (PV & CV), Powertrain (incl. EV) and involvement in Chassis, Safety, Driver Assistance, Aftermarket
  • Retail & Distribution: Future retail model (network, format, digital, etc), customer journey, pricing benchmark
  • Extended Mobility: new mobility solutions and concepts, inter-modality, integration of modes, rail, urban transport
Kaushik Madhavan


Key Expertise:

  • Automotive powertrain in passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Alternative fuels [Flex fuels, CNG, LPG] / Hybridisation & Electrification of vehicles
  • Product strategy – OE and Aftermarket

Martyn Briggs

Industry Principal

Key Expertise:

  • Urban Mobility
  • Car-sharing business models
  • Integration of public transport and road based mobility services
  • Transport Planning

Masaki Honda

Senior Consulting Director

Key Expertise:

  • Automotive (Vehicle Manufacturer, Tyre Maker)
  • Transportation (Courier and Logistics)
  • Mobility, Mega Trends
  • Market assessment, competitive benchmarking, & strategy development
N. Praveen Chandrasekar

Consulting Director

Key Expertise:

  • Connected & Autonomous Cars
  • Automotive IOT/Digital Transformation
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • New Mobility Integration

Sarwant Singh

Senior Partner & Global Head of Mobility Practice

Key Expertise:

  • Mega Trends/Future Trends
  • New personal and freight mobility business models
  • Future of Logistics
  • Digital Transformation of Industries
  • New Business Models
Vivek Vaidya

Vice President

Key Expertise:

  • Trends in Asian Automotive markets
  • Future of Urban Mobility
  • Market entry strategy
  • Price-volume projections and Marketing Strategy

Yeswant  Abhimanyu

Program Manager LATAM Research

Key Expertise:

  • Mega Trends,
  • Future of Urban Mobility,
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • New automotive business models
  • Future of automotive retailing and green vehicle technologies