The New Populism Pendulum

The New Populism Pendulum

You Can't Afford to Wait

A new wave of populism is sweeping the major global economies. Much is at stake, much is uncertain, and much is to be determined.

With the pendulum swinging away from globalization and toward populism, the rules of business will change.

New government policies will counter the fast-paced social and economic trends of globalization. Many different scenarios are possible. Preparing for these scenarios ensures your organization is ready to act.



Gain Insights

Frost provides detailed research on your selected topic (e.g.: Brexit, Obamacare, US Trade, supply chains, etc.)


Scenario Development

Frost helps to build a thorough analysis of key scenarios - including descriptions and the impact they will have on your business.


Your Actions

Frost creates a personalized playbook that includes a strategy and action plan for your selected scenarios.

Next Steps

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We are Researchers, Planners, and Innovators

We have leading growth consulting services, thought leadership, and insights in all the impacted markets and topics. Our services are backed by the world’s best market research and analytic tools - so your decisions will be supported by a solid fact foundation. With our “New Populism” program, we will work with executive teams conducting scenario planning and strategy workshops to help understand and analyze possibilities and develop actionable strategies to give you a competitive edge. Partnering with Frost will give you access to our deep knowledge of your market and will give you a level of insight and confidence that you will not get from conventional data sources or services companies. For hundreds of companies around the world across all major industries, we accelerate growth.