Leadership Council

Join our executive community & prepare for a future of disruption and transformational growth.

We Accelerate Growth

The Frost & Sullivan Leadership Council offers corporate leaders a powerful experiential learning environment that integrates expert research and analysis, collaboration, networking, and inspirational leadership.

Prepare for a Future of Disruption and Transformational Growth

Learn to navigate economic changes and identify the innovative technologies, Mega Trends, new business models, and companies to action that will result in a continuous flow of opportunities to help you accelerate growth.

A Community that is Leading Leaders

The Leadership Council is cross-disciplinary to provide in-depth assessments of companies and innovations driving the future across all industries to help CEO growth teams identify the next big things, strategic partnership opportunities, and investment opportunities to fuel a pipeline for future success.


Develop an understanding of the emerging growth sectors and business risks driven by technology disruptions and innovation.


Assess and evaluate growth opportunities more quickly.


Gain knowledge and insights from peers to advance your career and help develop the next generation of leaders from within your own teams.


Network with entrepreneurs and corporate executives and learn best practices, strategy, benchmarking and secrets to success.


Leverage actionable intelligence to help your organization hit goals and growth targets.


12 month access to all Frost & Sullivan content relevant to you which provides a 360-degree view of industries through the eyes of expert analysts, consultants, economists and futurists.

Expert Insight

Gain insights from some of the best minds in the world to learn about technology disruption, innovation and new business models creating growth opportunities.

Community & Collaboration

Members enjoy access to special events to establish connections with others across a range of industries.