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Energy.jpgThe exploding population and mankind's ruthless over-utilization of the Earth's resources have led to current crises such as climate change, water scarcity, energy depletion, and food shortage that are threatening life on planet Earth. Efforts to stem their man-made causes – ozone layer depletion, fast dwindling natural resources, increasing pollution and waste generation – have driven innovations to decelerate, if not stop, the alarming effects of Earth's decreasing sustainability.

environment.jpgRemedial solutions will be necessary to turn back the tide of destruction from anthropogenic activities. This presents the greatest challenge in the environment and sustainability domains. The race to lessen or undo the effects of mankind's irresponsible or naïve stewardship of the Earth will require integrating environmental technologies and solutions into every sphere of human activity. Hence, technology convergence is a major theme in environment and sustainability.


2016-2017 RESEARCH
  • Technology Breakthroughs Enabling Low-VOC Coatings
  • Innovations in Structural Electronics
  • Technology Impact Assessment of Micro Energy Harvesting
  • Emission Control Technologies In Automotive & Transportation
  • Industrial Waste Water Recovery And Reuse Technologies
  • Efficient Hazardous Waste Recycling Technologies for Developing Nations
  • Impact Assessment of Anti Reflective Coatings

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