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energy.jpgThe energy industry is currently witnessing a global change, driven by the emergence of the unconventional oil industry in the United States, and concerns on climate change. The tremendous growth in unconventional oil production in the last decade has resulted in disruptive changes not only on the energy sector, but also on business, geopolitics and the environment.

refinery.jpgThe other major concern for the energy sector is the continuous rise in carbon emissions, which may lead to irreversible climate change. This can only be addressed by increasing the installation capacities of renewable energy, and improving the energy efficiencies in industries, buildings, residences and vehicles.

renewable.jpgConsequently, the future of energy envisions a shift in the global energy balance, where natural gas, solar, wind and bioenergy is expected to become the new energy sources of the future. Moreover, new technologies such as energy storage, energy management systems, and smart grid infrastructure will contribute towards making the global energy sector more efficient.

monitoring.jpgThrough continuous tracking and monitoring of both technology and product developments, the global Energy & Utilities team is uniquely positioned to analyze and predict technology and market trends that will result in the creation of new markets, products and services, business models and even new industries.

reports.jpgWith more than 500 published research services, briefings, interactive workshops and emerging technology newsletters, the main aim is to provide clients with holistic information to make well-informed business and strategic decisions, be it for day-to-day operations or for long term business planning.


2016-2017 RESEARCH
  • Innovations in Solid State Battery
  • Alternate Feedstocks And Process Technologies For Conversion Of Gas To Chemicals
  • Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI
  • Innovations in Structural Electronics
  • Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances
  • Technology Impact Assessment of Micro Energy Harvesting
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Tight Oil Extraction
  • Emerging Technologies and Applications of Predictive Analytics 
  • Impact Assessment of Anti Reflective Coatings


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