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The AMA cluster enables a wide range of stakeholders, such as researchers, technologists, business and development executives to gain information that can be used to better develop or exploit key technologies impacting advanced manufacturing. Our analysts have expertise in vital areas of advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing, automation hardware, software, data communications in manufacturing environments, materials joining, collaborative robotics, and additive manufacturing. Our expertise is honed through reporting and analysis of key developments and through preparation of reports and client-centered research. We are able to identify key developments in manufacturing technologies and, more importantly, evaluate their value and market prospects.

Research Trends and Emerging Technologies:

TechVision analysts are able to ferret-out, explain, and evaluate developments and emerging, potentially disruptive technologies in vital areas of advanced manufacturing, For example, through detailed primary and secondary research, we have developed keen knowledge of key established and emerging 3D printing equipment and materials technologies. They include, for example, laser sintering, fused deposition modeling/fused filament fabrication, stereolithography, electron beam melting, continuous liquid interface production, gel dispensing printing (GDP), PEEK/PAEK/PEKK materials, carbon fiber reinforced polymers, thermoplastic elastomers, graphene-enhanced nylon. We also have a keen understanding of other, diverse advanced manufacturing technologies, such as collaborative robots with enhanced navigation and interaction capabilities; machine vision systems with enhanced 3D inspection and measurement capabilities; sensors driving industrial automation; multimaterial joining technologies such as laser hybrid welding for thick sheets with tight joining geometries.

Attached below is an example of how we leverage our expertise to help companies handle key strategic issues and achieve superior outcomes.


2016-2017 RESEARCH
  • Future of Lightweight Metals in the Automotive Sector
  • Innovations in Solid State Battery
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Tight Oil Extraction
  • Innovations in Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI
  • Innovations Advancing Nuclear Imaging
  • Technology Roadmapping of Micro LED Displays
  • Future of Transistor Technology
  • Technology Impact Assessment of Micro Energy Harvesting
  • High Performance Polymers in the Aerospace and Automotive Sectors
  • Technology Breakthroughs Enabling Low-VOC Coatings
  • Alternate Feedstocks And Process Technologies For Conversion Of Gas To Chemicals
  • Conductive Polymers for Electronics
  • Technology Developments in Slippery Coatings
  • Impact Assessment of Anti Reflective Coatings
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