Organizational Development

Key Client Issue: Organizational Development

A company’s growth challenges can often be attributed to underlying issues that affect productivity, information-sharing, or culture. Organizational development can help a company maximize its effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring its strategic goals are met. 

Hot Topics:
  • Adopting effective change management practices, learn from Global Best Practices
  • Transforming an organization’s corporate culture
  • Making talent management decisions that support an organization’s desired end state
Value Proposition:

Frost & Sullivan believes it is critical to identify and address the root causes of a company’s organizational misalignment, which, if ignored, will almost certainly impede growth.  Our consultants therefore begin every engagement by surfacing and resolving areas of disagreement among the executive team and undertake a rapid organizational audit, focusing on a series of qualitative and quantitative criteria.  

Consulting Approach:

Frost & Sullivan Growth Implementation Solutions team collaborates with clients to diagnose organizational challenges, outline a potential future state, and map out a path from “current” to “desired.” We understand that any consulting related to corporate culture or human capital is inherently sensitive, and we tailor our design recommendations, change management approach, and talent management methodology to each client’s unique needs.

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