How healthcare trends and radiologist concerns collide, manifesting a crisis point in X-ray

Better provider work experience and patient outcomes are top priorities in today’s healthcare environment, and both are core focal components of the “Quadruple Aim,” which includes better provider and patient experiences, improved population health, and lower care costs. 1

Healthcare organizations are also transitioning from a disparate radiology department approach to an integrated Imaging Service Line (ISL), where radiologists are dealing with larger reading lists and providing enhanced service levels, regardless of time of day or location, so their healthcare partners can benefit from economies of scale and skill with the service line approach.2 Radiologists face various challenges and are impacted by various macro market trends, creating an ecosystem of dynamics all impacting X-ray and, thereby, radiology (Figure 1).

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Daniel RupparDaniel Ruppar is a Consulting Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences @ Frost & Sullivan. Daniel’s work since joining Frost & Sullivan in 2005 has included analyst, management & consulting positions of increasing responsibility within the Heathcare group.

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