“Wake up, Matthew. Wake UP, Matthew. No really, WAKE UP, Matthew!” The familiar sound ringing in my ears each morning greets me as I attempt to rise. The reality is that this is far better than the wet hand towel my father used to wield to get me up for school when I was a kid. My, how times have changed. First, the wet sting of a towel, then an alarm clock, and, now, my Personal Companion (PC) 2030 life system that I named Sammy after my childhood dog.

My LifeLike PC2030 series, now in its third generation, has made amazing progress since it was first launched five years ago. In addition to my PC2030, I also added the home robot assistant when I subscribed. Initially, the robot was awkward, unable to navigate adroitly around my home and certainly not capable of moving up or down steps. Today, Sammy can navigate anything I put in its way. Waking up with Sammy has taken some adjustment, as I opted for the embedded voice control when I purchased him. As such, Sammy is not an external noise I hear, but, rather, an inside voice. It makes me laugh as I always think of that Disney movie from 2015, “Inside Out”.

Sammy’s voice used to sound so robotic, but now it’s just like talking to a friend because of the true conversational natural language.

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