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Registration & Breakfast

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9:00 AM

Welcome and Headliner - Driving Revenue and Succeeding Amidst Accelerating Cycles and Escalating Competition

Renee Joseph, Vice President, Global Customer and Sales Enablement, Johnson Controls


Today’s social, political and economic environment is moving and changing at an unprecedented rate. These changes are accelerating sales cycles and affecting how competitors are going to market. Succeeding in this landscape requires strong and impactful leadership. Hear an approach to navigate this coined, “Four Keys to Navigating in Uncertain Times”.

Call to Action:

  • Insights on how the changing social, political and economic environment is affecting sales cycles and how companies compete
  • Practical techniques for leading sales teams and deliver outcomes during turbulent times
  • Examples of real-world lessons learned and strategies for success


Renee-JosephRenee Joseph
Vice President, Global Customer and Sales Enablement
Johnson Controls


Why You Should Listen to Renee:
Renee Joseph, Vice President of Global Customer and Sales and Enablement responsible for driving channel growth across the Johnson Controls Buildings and Technology ~$12 B product portfolio. This includes responsibility for developing and executing the global investments roadmap required to build channel sales capabilities, ease of doing business experience and customer loyalty.

9:50 AM

Navigating STAR: Sales Team Accelerator Retreat

10:00 AM

Executive Bulletin - Developing High Performing Sellers: Why Effective Selling Skills are not Enough These Days

Marek Wasilewski, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Mavenir


Possessing traditional selling skills like product knowledge, strategic prospecting, presenting or even pitching is not enough. Companies need to pivot their selling skills outside of those areas and be prepared to challenge and educate. Challenging the Status Quo Bias which paralyzes 60% of decision makers requires a deeper credibility.

Call to Action:

  • Case study of customer engagement and how misinterpretation of a problem and desired outcome can miss the critical factors required to secure the entire, rather than part of the potential opportunity
  • A blueprint for potential qualification to ensure opportunities are clearly qualified and problems are fully understood
  • Lessons learned and how to predict outcome through an early qualification engagement

Rockstar Insights:

Marek WasilewskiMarek Wasilewski
Senior Vice President of Global Sales


Why You Should Listen to Marek:
My mission in life is to improve the ecosystem I find myself in, one step and one day at a time. My vision is to achieve this through collaboration and technology, recognizing that each and every human performs at their peak when they care and love what they do. I believe that science and technology is the key to our ongoing survival and that together we can achieve what may initially seem impossible

10:30 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

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11:00 AM

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:
1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
3. Turn ON your video
4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Case History Zone 1: Agile Selling: The New Sales Imperative

Sean Goldie, Regional Vice President of Inside Sales & Sales Development, Apptio

George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer, Allego


Are you taking advantage of the way your reps actually learn in the real-world? No two selling situations are the same, so reps need to be able to learn on the fly to stay agile and productive. Yet research shows that as much as 90% of professional learning is spent on formal, event-based training that does little to prepare reps for agile selling. Join us in this interactive session to discover the strategies and technologies that empower sales teams to take advantage of the agile content and learning available to them to close business more efficiently in today’s dynamic selling situations.

Call to Action:

  • Pitfalls of only relying on formal in-person training events
  • Best practices for creating an agile learning plan that involves everyone in the organization
  • Techniques for encouraging peer-based learning that boosts your entire team’s performance by capturing and transferring your rock stars’ “secret sauce”

Rockstar Insights:

Sean-GoldieSean Goldie
Regional Vice President of Inside Sales & Sales Development


Why You Should Listen to Sean:

Sean has spent the last 16 years in Sales, Marketing and Sales Enablement overperforming as an individual contributor and driving significant change as a leader.

At Apptio, Sean spent the last three and a half years rebuilding the sales enablement function which has driven substantial improvements in sales execution through the adoption of the Proactive and Value Selling methodologies.  Sean also led a significant transformation in systems and technologies, guiding the adoption of multiple new capabilities to improve sales skills, efficiency and performance.

Fab Facilitator:

George DonovanGeorge Donovan
Chief Revenue Officer


Why You Should Listen to George:

George Donovan is a lifelong sales enthusiast, with more than 25 years of sales and marketing, operations and management experience.  Throughout his career, he has worked with many of the world’s top brands, including Google, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon, to help them achieve their sales and profit goals. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Allego, where he thrives on improving integration and alignment between departments, and with a bird’s eye view of the company, helps ensure all revenue-related functions are running smoothly. Since George joined Allego in 2015, the company has been twice named to the Inc. 5,000, including a 2017 ranking of 5th fastest-growing private software company in the U.S. Most recently, Allego was named the 3rd fastest-growing software company in Massachusetts on the Deloitte Fast 500.

Case History Zone 2: Maximizing Sales through Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Patrick Mulkey, US Director of Training and Enablement, Gordon Food Service
Robert Blohm, Senior Vice President Sales & Alliances, OpenSymmetry


With an ever changing corporate priorities and the subsequent impacts on the sales force, companies are relooking at Sales Performance Management (SPM) to ensure sales alignment and growth. Combining SPM solutions with best practices is offering companies the chance to drive and monitor sales performance and alignment more effectively and more efficiently. Join us as we discuss real world examples of where SPM optimization has helped drive sales performance.

Call to Action:

  • Best practices leveraged by top performing sales operations teams related to performance management
  • Understanding of solutions/technologies leveraged to communicate and track sales activity against sales strategy
  • Lessons learned from teams who have recently deployed solutions and program improvements

Rockstar Insights:

PatrickPatrick Mulkey
US Director of Training and Enablement
Gordon Food Service


Why You Should Listen to Patrick:
Started with Gordon Food Service sales in 1999 after graduation from Purdue University. Gordon Food Service was a $1B organization that primarily had not grown outside the midwest, after 7 years in independent food service sales and earning the top sales producer award in the company, Gold Glub, I stepped into a front line sales leadership role in Louisville,

Fab Facilitator:

Robert BlohmRobert Blohm
Senior Vice President Sales & Alliances


Why You Should Listen to Robert:
Robert Blohm is the Senior Vice President of Sales & Alliances at OpenSymmetry. With over 15 years of experience in sales effectiveness, performance management, and technology, Robert has managed consulting projects for Fortune 100 companies across a variety of industries. His charter at OS is to develop and nurture a world-class team of sales executives, managers, and individual contributors that are positive, highly-motivated, and exceed goals while achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

12:00 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

12:00 PM

Interactive – Solutions Wheel


Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.

Interactive – "Shark Tank" Competition: Applying the Latest and Greatest Sales Tools


Rockstar Insights:

Mayme Blanton, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations, Rackspace
Gary Silva, Director of Inside Sales, Gannett
Ben Brewster, Senior Director, Sales Operations & Enablement, Kaiser Permanente

Fab Facilitator:

John Ruggles, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Frost & Sullivan


Selecting and buying sales tools can be a long and arduous process. Applying that new sales tech can be just as difficult or worse! In this interactive “Shark Tank” style competition you’ll hear from three practitioners who will identify best practices for their recent sales tool application with measurable results: where they started, the tool they used, the journey to get there, measurable impact and what would they do differently next time. The best implementation wins and will be voted on by our “Sharks”.

Rockstar Insights:

Mayme BlantonMayme Blanton
Senior Director, Global Sales Operations,


Why You Should Listen to Mayme:

Mayme Blanton is senior director of global sales operations for Rackspace. In this role she is responsible for the global strategy, development, and delivery of solutions essential to the sales & presales community within Rackspace. Mayme has extensive experience in global operations and leadership, always prioritizing a balance execution and innovation.

Prior to joining Rackspace, Mayme has spent more than two decades establishing sales operations models and helping organizations execute sales enablement strategies at leading organizations including Dell, Earthlink and Windstream.

Gary Silva
Director of Inside Sales


Why You Should Listen to Gary:

Bio is forthcoming.

Ben BrewsterBen Brewster
Senior Director, Sales Operations & Enablement
Kaiser Permanente


Why You Should Listen to Ben:

Sales is the lifeline. Sales Enablement Executive with a proven track record helping growth organizations successfully scale through people, process, strategy, technology and sales operations solutions and management. Ability to define, lead and manage delivery of highly effective sales & marketing operations solutions to rapidly increase revenue, optimize lead-cash-renewal processes and increase customer growth. Deep success collaborating with sales, marketing and cross functional teams to simplify, clarify and drive team solution definition, sales opportunity, and delivery. Passionate about leading and manage teams that transform customer experience and operations to increase engagement, improve selling efficiency & effectiveness, and ultimately delight customers.

Fab Facilitator:

John Ruggles
Senior Vice President of Global Sales
Frost & Sullivan


Why You Should Listen to John:
John Ruggles is the Senior Vice President of Sales & Senior Fellow for Frost & Sullivan. John has been part of the leadership team at Frost & Sullivan for nearly two decades and has been part of their consistent growth over this period of time.

He has a successful track record in business development, sales operations, digital selling and marketing. He has worked with many of the top fortune 1000, as well as, emerging companies during his tenure at Frost & Sullivan
Prior to Frost & Sullivan, John spent 14 years with Otis Elevator, a United Technologies Company, where he led the overall operational and sales efforts of several offices in the Southwest Region as a General Manager.

John earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University and an MBA degree from the University of Tampa. John resides with his wife Jill in San Antonio, Texas. During his off time, John enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his three sons and daughter-in-law.

12:45 PM

Food For Thought Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:45 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:50 PM

BE SEEN AND BE HEARD! Concurrent Collaboration Zones

The Rules:
1. Choose one of three concurrent sessions
2. Enter the Zoom Breakout Room
3. Turn ON your video
4. Have some fun and get to know your co-collaborators
5. Get busy sharing ideas, best practices, and your lessons learned

Roundtable Zone 1: Key Accounts: Winning Strategies to Close More Business

Amar Sheth, Partner, Customer Experience, SalesforLife


According to recent research – 77% of account/territory managers (of a geo-territory, vertical or industry) use revenue as the basis for selecting their accounts. While this subscribes to the thesis that strategic accounts generate >25% more sales revenue, this account selection process has a major flaw. This selection process does not account for probability and/or velocity as an attribute to winning presumably larger sales opportunities.  This model does not account for relationships – as a key competitive advantage or disadvantage that can dramatically alter probability and/or velocity of account activation. How can we upend this flawed model?

Call to Action:

  • Examples of how companies are applying the “Sphere of Influence”, rooted in modeling “social proximity” as a key driver to account selection
  • Insight on how sellers are identifying asymmetrical competitive advantages and disadvantages (relationships) in their Total Addressable Market
  • Best practices for leveraging compelling triggers that are a complimentary mechanism to be first to activating accounts

Fab Facilitator:

Amar ShethAmar Sheth
Partner, Customer Experience


Why You Should Listen to Amar:

Bio is forthcoming.

Roundtable Zone 2: AI and Analytics: The Ultimate Playbook for Sales Transformation

Marianne Borenstein, Chief Client Officer, Collective[i]


Every modern CEO, CRO and Head of Revenue Operations lists sales transformation as a priority– and rightfully so. Sellers operate in one of the most fast-paced and challenging sales environments in history. This session will focus on tangible applications of Artificial Intelligence– specifically Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning in order to radically improve productivity, convert existing tools into a “smart” sales stack and ultimately grow revenue through an AI-enabled and agile sales organization.

Call to Action:

  • A framework for thinking about transformation
  • Key pitfalls to avoid when formulating a strategy
  • Three initiatives you can bring back to your organization

Fab Facilitator:

Marianne BorensteinMarianne Borenstein
Chief Client Officer


Why You Should Listen to Marianne:
Marianne is a proven customer success leader, mentor and collaborator, scaling businesses from vision through to execution with strong results.

Marianne’s work is rooted in trust, transparency and proactive communication. In her current role as Chief Client Officer at Collective[i], she focuses on building lasting relationships and deep engagements with customers that propel growth. Before joining the Collective[i] team, she was the Global Head of Customer Success Training at Tesla.

3:20 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

3:50 PM

The Fix – Crowdsourcing Tactical Solutions to Our Most Vexing Challenges

Share your smarts! Choose between six themed brainstorming sessions and crowdsource solutions to the most vexing challenges facing sales leaders and sales managers today. These are 15-minute rapid fire sessions with three rotations. First come, first served, so choose wisely! Each brainstorm group will build upon the other to build a list of readily operationalized ideas to these common challenges:

The Fix on Hiring the Right Fit for Your Sales Team

Hosted By: Gary Silva, Director of Inside Sales, Gannett

The Fix on Structuring Account Teams for Growth

Hosted By: Rob Beattie, Sales Director, Customer Growth & Retention Lead, Thomson Reuters

The Fix on Reaching Buyers

Hosted By: Adam Pierno, Associate Vice President, Marketing Strategy, Arizona State University

The Fix on Building an Accelerated Sales Training Program

Hosted By: Patrick Mulkey, US Director of Training and Enablement, Gordon Food Service

4:40 PM

Headliner – It’s All BS! How Your Belief System Keeps You From Winning

Dr. Jason Richardson, World Champion Athlete and Olympic, Psychologist


Here is the deal, every success and failure can be traced back to a belief. The problem is most people don’t even realize their brain is operating from a faulty premise! Good news… It’s TOTALLY possible to build a bigger, better, stronger belief (one that helps you win more, work better, and live happier!) Are you ready to uncover the one thing that is holding you back? Jason will literally give you the important plays from his pro athlete playbook. Get ready to leave smarter and motivated to build better beliefs! Are you ready to start building?

Call to action:

  • Key learnings about the neuroscience of belief and how you can use the Belief Matrix to coach yourself and your team in to better returns
  • Insight on how to reprogram yourself and your team for more success
  • Examples of how to override the negativity that gets in the way of your potential

Jason RichardsonDr. Jason Richardson
World Champion Athlete and Olympic

Why You Should Listen to Jason:
Bio is fothcoming.

5:30 PM

Networking Reception